Tanya McCubbin Hired as New Ojibway Director

After an extensive search and interview process it is a great pleasure to announce Tanya McCubbin has agreed to become the next manager of the Ojibway Lodge.  While no one will be able to replicate the leadership, warmth and historical knowledge Sandy Chivers possesses, Tanya will bring her own expertise and familiarity to the job.  Tanya’s experience on Devil’s Island is deep.  Her first year on the island was in 1995 when she worked as Assistant Cook under Glen Toogood.  Nine summers later, in 2004, Tanya returned as Head Keewaydin Cook and has returned every summer since.  In 2009 Tanya took on the duties of Keewaydin business manager.  In addition to her intimate understanding of island operations, Tanya brings other hospitality skills: a degree in Culinary Arts and the experience of having been the owner of Mood Food from 2000-2008, a company which produced and marketed a retail line of food products and offered catering to groups under 100.  Her boys, Malcolm, 16, and Hudson, 13, join her on the island every summer.  Malcolm will be in Section B this year and Hudson is heading out for his first season at the Evans Outpost.  Tanya’s husband Rob, a dramatic arts instructor in North Bay, uses the island as summer base camp.  When he is not off for workshops brushing up on his teaching skills, he works bringing campers up from Toronto, settling accounts in the business office, or even painting floors.  We are fortunate to have Tanya join the team in this new role.  She will begin work in September of 2012.

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