Welcome, Alumni!

No matter how long it’s been since your last summer at camp, we cannot wait to reconnect with you!

Not much has changed at Keewaydin’s camps over the past 100 years. Campers are still nervous and excited on opening day; parents are still sad to leave their youngsters and staff are still talented, larger than life characters. Sure, there are some new programs and buildings, but the simple values of the Keewaydin Way are still impressed upon each camper who passes through our programs.

We are dedicated to keeping alumni in touch with each other, and with Keewaydin. If you are not currently receiving regular communication from us, we want to hear from you! There are multiple ways for you to connect with old friends and enjoy camp life, from reunions at camp to work weekends to regional alumni gatherings and Open Houses in cities across North America. Check out our calendar to find an event that works for you!

Order The Keewaydin Way: 125th Anniversary Edition!

The hardcover is available only through online order, with final delivery date yet to be determined, estimated  December 2018.  All hardcovers will be signed by author Brian Back.

All proceeds to Benefit Keewaydin Temagami
To mark Keewaydin‘s 125th season, author Brian Back has revised and updated his comprehensive and definitive history of KeewaydinThe Keewaydin Way. This new edition features more great stories, photos, and information on one of the oldest continuously operating camps in the world. Camp has experienced an extraordinary doubling in growth since the last edition of this history, and Brian will tell the story of this remarkable transformation.
Some of what’s new:
  • Expansion of the long-trips list
  • The rocky to supernatural transition from all-boys to boys and girls in 1999
  • More maps and photos
  • More info on Kamp Kahkou in Maine along with the only known photo of it
  • Greater insight into the first trip to Temagami in 1902
  • The rapture since the merger with the foundation
  • And numerous new stories, including the pet bear cub of 1956, the camper whose parents mistakenly thought he lost an arm, the Keewaydin food group, the fabled canoe trip over Maple Mountain and the one-and-only wannigan fire.

Keewaydin is offering pre-sales of these new handsomely bound, stitched-spine, signed editions (on acid-free paper) to allow folks to give these great books as gifts. Hardcovers are only available through preorder, and only for a limited time.

Cost: $100 (USD), with all profits to benefit Keewaydin Temagami. Production of the book is taking slightly longer than anticipated. We apologize for the delay but rest assured that as soon as it is ready we will send it off to you!

Ojibway Family Lodge

A Place Untouched, An Experience ApartMilky way from Ojibway

In a noisy, hectic world, it’s easy to believe that places steeped in nature’s soothing silences have vanished forever, and lasting tranquility is no longer possible to find. But spend just a single hour at Ojibway Lodge and you’ll discover that these and many other things you thought were gone for good can be still be had. In the northern reaches of Lake Temagami, a magnificent north woods eden is waiting. You’ll find it along wilderness shores that stretch for 4,800 untouched kilometers across a timeless dominion blessed with 1,500 hidden island jewels. This is the land of Ojibway. And it’s yours to wander.

For more information and to book your stay, please visit Ojibway’s website.

 Camp Yearbooks

Keewaydin Dunmore

             2013                                  2014                               2015                                         2016

Keewaydin Dunmore summer camp in Vermont boy's basketball

Keewaydin Dunmore summer camp in Vermont, Boys soccer program Keewaydin Dunmore Summer Camp Friends  


Keewaydin Temagami

                    2013                                 2014                               2015                                  2016

KeewaydinTemagami Hudson Bay Trip for girls

Keewaydin wilderness canoe trips for boysKeewaydin Temagami staff teaches young boyKeewaydin Temagami


           2013                                  2014                                 2015                                       2016

Songadeewin summer camp for girls in Vermont 20140716-OliverParini-Songadewin-0654Songadeewin arts and craftsSongadeewin in Vermont; camp friends