An insider’s view into the adventure, challenges and fun that go into making Songadeewin so special.


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About Songadeewin for girls

Welcome to Songadeewin!

Nestled in the heart of Vermont, where the Green Mountains meet the peaceful shores of Lake Dunmore, Songadeewin, or “Songa” as it’s known to our campers and staff, is a very special place where girls from 2nd to 9th grade come to feed their spirits and learn to be strong of heart.

Unique among summer programs in the East, the Songadeewin experience combines all the bells and whistles of a full in-camp program with overnight wilderness journeys for every camper—by foot and canoe—that take campers out into nature to seek adventure and discover themselves.

From the first excited hello to the last tearful goodbye, Songa girls spend their days forging lifelong friendships, learning new skills, and achieving independence, all while having more fun than they ever thought could fit into a single season. This near century old tradition of play and personal exploration makes Songadeewin more than a camp. It’s a second summer home and everyone who comes to know it takes a piece of it with them when they go.


Mission & Philosophy

The Songadeewin Approach to Summer

In Vermont, summer is the season of expanding horizons, a time when warm winds and a generous sun bring the freedom to more fully explore ourselves and our world. It’s also the perfect time to have some serious fun!

At Songadeewin, we merge these two sides of summer into a single experience. As educators, we look at the whole child and their individual development over time. With the understanding that this process unfolds differently in every case, our counselors use our unique “coup” achievement system to encourage each camper to both develop new talents and acquire expertise in her existing interests. Progressive goals assure that returning campers build upon previous seasons’ efforts to go farther than they ever thought they could. This work is about more than simply teaching skills and promoting independence. It’s about building character, creating self-confidence, and discovering how to be strong of heart.

Most important of all, we’re stewards of childhood, that precious time when life is filled with infinite possibility and dreams can be real. Now more than ever, we believe kids need space to be kids and that a summer without memories, excitement and the freedom to find both for oneself is hardly summer at all. That’s our mission: to liberate girls from the pressures of school and ordinary life, and give their minds, bodies, and spirits a place to run free.