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Keewaydin Dunmore for boys

Located on beautiful Lake Dunmore in the heart of the Green Mountains in Vermont, Keewaydin Dunmore combines a rich in-camp activity program with the adventure of an extensive trip program to provide a summer camp experience unlike any other!  Boys ages 8-16 return year after year for the magic of a Keewaydin summer. Camp truly becomes home away from home for boys.


The camp is divided into four “groves” (i.e. age groups): Annwi for 8-10-year-olds, Waramaug for 10-12-year-olds, Wiantinaug for 12-14-year-olds and Moosalamoo for 14-16 year olds.  Each grove has its own living area and waterfront as shown on the illustrated map below.  Activities and trips are done primarily by grove, but the entire camp eats together, and there are many events and activities that we do together as a camp.

Our campers come from over two dozen states and various foreign countries. They represent different religions, races, cultural backgrounds, and socio-economic backgrounds. Each boy is valued for who he is.

Established in 1910, Keewaydin Dunmore is one of the most venerable camps in the country and has long been at the forefront of the American camping movement.

I feel so fortunate year after year that Connor has Keewaydin to return to. To have a place where a boy can live in the woods, challenge himself individually and within  a group is such a gift. Thank you for carrying on the Keewaydin tradition!”  – Kathryn Kislevitz, Keewaydin Dunmore Parent


Keewaydin’s Philosophy & Tradition

The inspiration for Keewaydin is the same now as it was when it began: to provide boys with summers filled with fun, friendship, adventure and challenges through our diverse in-camp activity program, our wilderness trips and simple living in the beautiful outdoors.

While we provide boys with new experiences that allow them to develop self-confidence, maturity and character, we never forget that a constant of camping days is to have fun. In addition to the many great activities and trips that we offer, we structure plenty of supervised free-time into each day so kids can relax and pursue individual interests: playing Frisbee on the ball field, swimming in Lake Dunmore, catching frogs in the lagoon, fishing off the dock, or simply reading a book!

We live by our camp motto “Help the Other Fellow.” Out on trips and back at camp, we adhere to the philosophy of “Leave Your Campsite Better Than You Found It.”

Throughout the summer, we emphasize the values of the candles we light at the end-of-season Candlelight Ceremony:  honesty, loyalty, responsibility, enthusiasm, kindness, perseverance, courage, friendship, initiative, thoughtfulness, commitment and leadership.

Keewaydin has had a tremendous impact on our son’s maturity, independence and ability to confront challenges.  A culture of kindness pervades every aspect of camp life and James feels appreciated and supported by staff and campers alike.  It’s a happy and respectful place and James thrives on the atmosphere of warmth, humor and loyalty.  As parents, we are as excited as James when camp begins every summer because we know how happy he is there.”

                                                           – Janice Day, Keewaydin Dunmore Parent



Keewaydin Foundation Land Acknowledgment

The Keewaydin Foundation acknowledges that our organization and camp programs are based on the traditional territories of the Western Abenaki and the Teme-Augama Anishinabai. We respect their past, present, and future generations, the land, and their traditions. We are grateful for the opportunity to gather, learn, and travel on these lands and waterways.

You can learn more about the Vermont Abenaki here and more about Temagami First Nation here.