Keewaydin Foundation

The Keewaydin Way

KEEWAYDIN (kē wā dĭn) [Algonquin] – Northwest wind, considered a bearer of good fortune and fair weather.

To live for a summer in a world largely unstructured and shaped only by nature itself… this is an adventure few are fortunate enough to know. Some find it on the open waters, some on the mountainside. Since 1893, Keewaydin has been a leader in camping.  With its rich in-camp programs and nationally renowned tripping program, Keewaydin provides unique opportunities for youth to develop self-confidence, character, and leadership while living simply in beautiful wilderness settings. For close to 125 years, Keewaydin has thrived by holding true to its values and traditions, while adjusting to the times.  Behind the success of our camps is the commitment of our alumni, families, and friends to our mission.

This is the Keewaydin Way.


Our Mission & Tradition

The Keewaydin Foundation provides camping experiences and challenges that help children achieve significant personal growth by living in a community, being independent and living simply in rustic and natural settings.

To achieve our mission, the Foundation-operated summer camps and programs:

  • Provide caring communities that emphasize working together, fairness, trust, kindness, tolerance, forgiveness and compassion.
  • Provide challenges through tripping, activities and lifestyle that help children develop self-confidence.
  • Strive to continually evaluate and develop programs in order to ensure their excellence and safety.
  • Provide outstanding staff leadership through careful hiring, training and evaluation.
  • Bring together children and staff from a broad range of social, economic, racial, religious, ethnic and national backgrounds.
  • Teach the importance of concern and service to others in keeping with the motto, “Help the Other Fellow.”
  • Teach stewardship of the land through an appreciation and understanding of our natural world.
  • Provide and model a safe, happy, fun and simple life.

Our Team

The Keewaydin Foundation is run by a team of dedicated staff, with oversight by a volunteer board of directors.

Meet the Foundation Staff

From camper registration and records to communications and fundraising, the foundation staff provides vital operational support ensuring that all camps and programs thrive.

RJ Adler, Associate Director of Development, EMAIL

A former camper and staff at Dunmore and KEEC, RJ has made his childhood dream of working full-time at Keewaydin a reality! As the Associate Director of Development RJ helps to further the Keewaydin Way by managing the Annual Fund, publications, and events. In his free time RJ enjoys skiing, hiking, dancing, canoeing, and foraging wild edibles. RJ lives in East Middlebury in the house that used to belong to Slim Curtis, Keewaydin co-owner from 1949 to 1982.

Daria CardenDaria Carden, Dunmore Office Manager, EMAIL

A former parent of two Songadeewin campers, Daria has been “the voice” of Keewaydin Dunmore since 1999. As the Keewaydin Dunmore Office Manager Daria works closely with parents to ensure their child is ready for camp! From health forms to questions, Daria is the go-to gal for all things Keewaydin Dunmore. In addition, Daria is the technology guru for the Keewaydin Foundation and its programs. In her free time, Daria enjoys knitting, gardening, and foster parenting dogs. Daria resides in Brandon, Vermont with her husband, Joe, and her dogs Rupert and Lilly Potter.

Ellen Flight, Director of Songadeewin of Keewaydin, EMAIL

Ellen spent nine summers at Songadeewin on Lake Willoughby, first as a camper and then as staff. In 1977 she joined the Keewaydin Dunmore staff and in 1989 she became the director of Annwi, working with eight-to-ten-year-olds. Ellen has been the Director of Songadeewin since its opening in 1999. In her free time, Ellen is very involved in the local community and enjoys reading, cooking, playing mahjong and spending time with her family. Ellen lives in Middlebury, VT with her cairn terrier, Koko.  

Annette FranklinAnnette Franklin, Foundation Office Manager, EMAIL

Annette brought her southern charm to the Keewaydin in 2014 as the Foundation Office Manager. Always a smiling face and a friendly voice, Annette works closely with the parents of Keewaydin Temagami campers. Whether it’s arranging travel, answering questions, or keeping on top of the Keewaydin Temagami staff, Annette’s got her finger on the pulse. In her free time, Annette is a musician at heart and can be heard all over Vermont, she is also an amazing cook and mother of six. Annette lives in Middlebury, VT with her family.

Peter HarePeter Hare, Executive Director, and Director of Keewaydin Dunmore, EMAIL

Pete grew up at Keewaydin Dunmore, where his father, Waboos, was co-owner from 1949 to 1982 and Director until 2000. Pete serves as the head of the Keewaydin Foundation and is the Director of Keewaydin Dunmore. Originally from Philadelphia, Pete is an avid fan of Philly’s sports teams and can often be spotted at games with his children, Jenn, Ali, and James. In his free time, Pete enjoys listening to music, traveling in Spanish speaking countries, hiking the woods of Vermont and playing tennis. Pete lives in Middlebury with his wife Diane, a teacher.


Katie Johnson, Business Manager, EMAIL


Katie came to Keewaydin in 2014 after spending 23 years at the ACSWD in Middlebury. Quick with a laugh or sound advice, she brings her wealth of experience to handle all billing and accounting matters for the Foundation and its programs. In her free time Katie enjoys cooking, gardening, visiting the ocean and spending time with friends and family. Katie currently hails from Rutland, Vermont.

Bruce IngersollBruce Ingersoll, Director of Keewaydin Temagami, EMAIL

Bruce has been the Director of Keewaydin Temagami since 2006.  Beginning in 1976, he spent ten summers as a camper and trip leader at Keewaydin. A committed educator, he spent the 20 years after leading his last trip in 1986 teaching English and working as an independent school administrator. An avid athlete, Bruce can be found Nordic skiing, running, or coaching soccer when not in the office.  Bruce lives in Middlebury with his wife, Sarah, and his two daughters, Nathalie and Amelia.


Theresa MacCallumTheresa MacCallum, Alumni Relations, EMAIL

This is Theresa’s 20th year on the Foundation staff! A former resident of Lake Dunmore, Theresa started by helping the Executive Director at the time in the summers at Keewaydin Dunmore. She quickly proved herself irreplaceable and worked part-time for the Foundation for many years. When Keewaydin went into its first capital campaign in 2007, Theresa came on full time to support all development and alumni activities. A New England native, Theresa loves hiking around the woods of Vermont. Whether it is skiing at the Middlebury Snow Bowl or teaching spin classes, she is very active in her free time. Theresa lives in Salisbury, Vermont with her family and their golden retriever, Bailey.

 TimTim Tadlock, Director of Keewaydin Environmental Education Center, EMAIL

Tim Tadlock has been the Director of KEEC since 2005, after first joining the KEEC staff in the Spring of 2000. A graduate of Prescott College in Prescott, Arizona, Tim’s studies emphasized building communities in experiential education settings.  Tim has been a member of the Keewaydin Dunmore summer camp staff since 1997. In the summer Tim serves as the Director of Tripping at Keewaydin Dunmore. Tim resides in Sudbury, Vermont with his wife Heather and his daughter Tallulah. 


Mary Welz, Director of Development EMAIL

As the Keewaydin Foundation’s Development Director, Mary’s career in fundraising and alumni relations spans 27 years.  Before joining Keewaydin, Mary served as Vice President for Vermont Law School’s Development and Alumni Office. She has also held positions at the Vermont College of Fine Arts, Vermont Student Assistance Corporation, Norwich University, and the Office of the Chancellor for Vermont State Colleges. Originally from St. Maries, Idaho, Mary grew up swimming, paddling and camping the St. Joe River and the surrounding northern Idaho’s river and lakes.   Mary and her husband are avid hikers and spend their autumns “bagging peaks” in the Green Mountains, White Mountains, and Adirondacks.  She has two rescue dogs ‘”Cooper” and “Maxwell Smart” who accompany her on all of her outdoor adventures.

Board of Directors

Dan Kunkle, President
Alec Morley, Vice President

Marshall N. Morton, Treasurer
Justin W. Lilley, Secretary

Laurice Arroyo
Benjamin B. Beinecke
Barry G. Cline
Janice Farrell Day

Thomas Gluck
Jeff Howe
Casey Hunt
Garrett M. Kephart
Ruth Hill Klinck
Louise Lampton
Carolina Pardo
Matthew V. Pierce
Victoria K. Robertson