Adult Trips

Whether you are paddling in the breathtaking wilderness of the Temagami region, or running rapids in remote lands of northern Canada, a Keewaydin Adult Trip is sure to refresh your spirit and expose you to the lost art of canoe tripping.

Our experienced trip leaders will guide you through untouched landscapes while helping you to master paddling and camping skills.

Note: This program is different from our “Club Trip” program that is more independent and self-designed and independent in nature.

Philosophy and Goals

Our philosophy is to offer trips for men and trips for women in the Keewaydin Way while  acknowledging that adults travel differently than teenagers within the “way.” The trips are one to two weeks in length, often beginning and ending on Devil’s Island in Lake Temagami for orientation and organization.  The shorter trips are for the less experienced canoe tripper who wants to see the Temagami area and experience a canoe trip the way their family and friends have.  The longer trips are for experienced canoe trippers and include river travel; these trips may be more physically challenging. All trips are single gender. Women are led by women and men are led by men.

The goal of any Adult Trip is for participants to connect with a Keewaydin they do not know personally or re-connect with the camp they attended.  It is a rare opportunity for adults to unplug, relax, work hard, and travel in the wilderness with a group of like-minded folks. The group will become a team, where each member is essential to the group’s success. Through teamwork, a section grows into a cohesive unit, setting and achieving goals together, rather than surviving solely on the strengths of individuals. We hope the trips will foster growth self-confidence, strength, leadership, and self-reliance.

In order to achieve the goals mentioned above, staff strive to help each participant learn:

  1.   Respect of oneself, others, and the environment
  2.   To improve and master canoeing skills
  3.   To camp for extended periods of time in a wilderness environment
  4.   Decision making for and with the group (vital to the success of the section)
  5.   Cooking and food preparation skills promoting self-sufficiency on trip and at home
  6.   Navigation skills
  7.   To care for and respect equipment
  8.   To recognize the accomplishments that occur over the course of the summer camp season

2020 Offerings

The details for 2020 Adult trips are still forming but the current plan is to offer at least a Men’s Flatwater trip, a Co-ed Flatwater Trip and a Women’s Flatwater Trip in the Temagami region from July 31-August 8.  We are considering a more ambitious trip in Quebec to Richmond Gulf via the Clearwater River with July 21-August 8 as tentative dates.  There are details and logistics to be sorted out on that trip before we are able to confirm the costs and viability.  This trip to Richmond Gulf will be rigorous.  If you are interested in any of these trips, email [email protected] or call (802) 352-4709.

These trips are open to all abilities but will be strenuous at times. Participants should be able to lift 30-40 pounds, be prepared for physical work, carry things over uneven ground and challenging terrain and be comfortable spending long periods of time on the water.  The group will paddle and portage according to the group’s abilities.

We provide 3 meals a day, snacks, pots, pans, tents, canoes, paddles, life jackets, etc. plus experienced trip leaders.

You bring your personal gear: clothes, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, ground tarp, sun hat, toiletries etc.  A suggested gear list will be provided and travel details as we near closer to the summer of 2019.

*Note these trips are strenuous and participants should be able to walk rocky trails with a pack, swim, and lift 30 pounds.

We are excited to provide this opportunity and welcome you to a great adventure!