Prepare for Camp

Current, registered parents can access their Keewaydin CampMinder account by clicking the link below. Update your family information, fill out camp forms, and have access to important camp resources.

CampMinder Parent Portal


Clothing & Equipment

There is no camp uniform; plain rugged outdoor clothes in good condition are suitable for both base camp and canoe trips. Our camp store offers tumplines, duffel bags, ground sheets, and some sundry items like toiletries, camp T-shirts, sweatshirts, and water bottles. Store pricing covers only the camp’s costs for these items. It is important to bear in mind while outfitting your camper that equipment and clothing will see hard use. Likewise, your camper will be exposed to the elements while on trip. Cool, wet weather should be anticipated as well as hot and sunny. Dressing in layers is essential to remain warm and dry as well as cool.

Outfitting a camper with the proper clothes helps to set him or her up for success.  By starting to gather gear in advance, one can take advantage of sales, discounts, second-hand options, and gear exchanges. Our older, more experienced campers, who will be participating in full summer canoe trips will receive a separate equipment list from their trip leaders.

Please refer to the full packing equipment and clothing list by clicking the link here. 

Equipment and Clothing List for basecamp

This list is for specific items, tips, and tricks for how to best outfit your camper!  Popular brands and outlets for purchasing trip clothing (i.e. long underwear, insulating layers, rain gear, and warm jacket) among other equipment needs include:



Travel & Transportation

Keewaydin is located on Lake Temagami in Ontario, Canada, 300 miles north of Toronto. Supervised travel is provided by bus from the Toronto airport to the lake, and then by motor boat to Keewaydin’s Devil’s Island base camp. The trip is easily made in a day from anywhere in the mainland United States. Campers who take the bus from Toronto Pearson International Airport will need to arrive before 12 pm on the first day of their camp session.

Every year we have young campers who fly to Canada alone under an Unaccompanied Minor status. Most airlines provide this service for a few to assist children under the age of 15 in traveling from their point of departure to their final destination. We provide more detailed travel information for parents in our CampMinder parent portal. And we collect travel details for your camper closer to the start of summer.

For parents planning a visit please check GOOGLE MAPS for the best routes to Lake Temagami from North Bay, Ontario.



Keewaydin Temagami Forms

The collection of camper and parent information begins with our CampMinder application and online forms. All forms can be found on the CampMinder parent portal. It is essential to our planning and preparedness to have parents or guardians fill out all required forms by the designated deadlines. Our staff relies upon this key information to be ready to welcome your camper, and ensure we can support their health and well begin, may that be medication or food allergies.