Dates & Rates

Our fee structure is designed to encourage participation in our 8 week program and make this full Songadeewin experience affordable for the greatest number of families. We believe the longer program offers girls the very best camp experience

8 Weeks
June 25 – August 19, 2023          $11,000

4 Weeks
June 25 – July 23, 2023               $8,500
July 23 – August 19, 2023           $8,500

2 Weeks – There are a limited number of two-week spaces for new campers who are completing the 2nd, 3rd, & 4th grades
June 25 – July 8, 2023                 $5,200
July 23 – August 5, 2023             $5,200

Songa Wilderness – Due to their rugged nature, Wilderness trips are for girls ages 15 – 18 only.                                                                     Please contact [email protected] for more information.
July 4 – August 12, 2023             $9,200


  • Early Bird Discount – Enroll by November 1 to receive an Early Bird Discount of $250.
  • Sibling Discount – Receive a 5% discount on each fee for two or more siblings attending any of Keewaydin Foundation’s three camps (Songadeewin, Dunmore, Temagami).


Other Charges 

  • Camp Store – usually up to $75
  • Transportation from or to the Burlington Airport – $110
  • Chaperoned bus transportation from or to New York City – $160
  • Linen Rental – $20 for the summer (pillow, 3 blankets)

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available for those with demonstrated need. Please contact Lauren McDowell ([email protected]) for an application.

Admissions Policy

Songadeewin of Keewaydin is a summer camp for girls.  In order to attend, applicants must be physically and emotionally prepared to fully participate in the program.  Songadeewin of Keewaydin serves applicants who meet the criteria for admission regardless of race, ethnicity, disability, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, or transgender or non-binary status.


Here are some of the common questions parents and campers have:

  1. Is Songadeewin accredited?
    Yes! Songadeewin is accredited by the American Camping Association and must comply with extensive standards in program, personnel, administration and facilities.
  2. Is Songadeewin religiously affiliated?
    Our camp is non-sectarian. We have an all-camp Sunday Circle, weekend by the Lake. Here, campers and staff offer readings, reflections and songs related to a theme, like friendship, sharing, teamwork, caring for each other, or appreciation of nature.
  3. Are scholarships available?
    Financial aid is available to campers and families who would not otherwise be able to attend. Most aid is partial. For further information, email [email protected]
  4. Is there laundry service?
    Thankfully, yes! Laundry is done weekly for all campers at no charge. Campers must bring their own sheets and towels. Blankets and pillows are available to rent for the summer for a small fee.
  5. When may I visit my camper?
    Because of Covid-related considerations, our visitor policy this summer will be different than it has been previously.  As a measure to ensure the safety of our campers and staff, parents will not be able to visit the Keewaydin campus while camp is in session, including during Midseason.
  6. Do all campers at Songadeewin take overnight trips away from camp?
    Yes! Tripping is a keystone of the Songadeewin experience, and all ages participate in canoe and hiking trips of varying lengths.
  7. Do campers need to bring camping equipment?
    Personal gear including sleeping bags, sleeping pads, waterproof bags and personal water bottles must be supplied by each camper. We provide tents, backpacks, ground cloths, and cooking equipment. Click here to learn more about camping supplies.
  8. What forms are required and where can I find them?
    All forms can be found here.
  9. My child requires daily medication. How do I arrange for that during the summer?
    Songadeewin works with CampMeds which provides pre-packaged medication for campers. Please refer to CampMeds‘  FAQ for questions concerning medication.
  10. Can I request housing with specific staff or campers?
    We need full discretion to pair campers with appropriate staff so we unfortunately can’t honor specific housing requests. Tent and cabin assignments are based on camper needs, physical development, and age groups. Summer camp is also a golden opportunity to make new friendships, and so we discourage housing hometown friends together.
  11. How can I communicate with my camper during the summer?
    We strongly encourage communication by regular, “old fashioned” letters and postcards. Campers love getting mail delivered, and replying helps them develop good writing skills. You may also email your child using [email protected]org with your child’s name and Tent or Cabin name in the subject line, and we will print your email and deliver it to your camper when mail is delivered each day. Please note that your child will not respond via email, however they can respond via mail! Phone calls are discouraged, but we do allow brief parent phone calls during specific windows of time after the first two weeks of camp. We ask that you limit the conversation to 5 minutes and no more often than once a week. See our Parent Manual for more details.


Visiting Camp

Because of Covid-related considerations, our visitor policy this summer will be different than it has been previously.  As a measure to ensure the safety of our campers and staff, parents will not be able to visit the Songadeewin campus while camp is in session, including during Midseason.