2021 Keewaydin Dunmore Staff


Jakob Adler- 1st, Waramaug
A freshman at Bates College, Jakob was a camper through Wilderness and now returns to the staff. He will help with tennis, basketball, canoeing and more! Jakob calls Los Angeles home.



Jen Anderson- 15th, Store, Tutor (1st half)
Jen, mother of Townes and wife of Tim, worked at Songadeewin for three summers. This will be her fifteenth summer at Keewaydin helping with tutoring, wangan room and store. Jen teaches kindergarten at the Marin Country Day School in the Bay Area of California.

Tim Anderson- 19th, Waramaug (1st half)
Originally from Michigan and a graduate of Hope College and Tufts University, Tim is currently a seventh and eighth-grade science teacher at Marin Country Day School, north of San Francisco. In Waramaug, he will take boys on hiking adventures, and explorations by canoe. He will be joined at camp by his wife, Jen, and their son, Townes (9 years old).

Taheem Baptiste- 3rd, Annwi
After his first summer at camp Taheem loved Vermont so much, he stayed and worked in a local school system! This summer he will help with hiking, soccer, tennis, archery, baseball, climbing, and sailing.  Taheem is orginally from Brooklyn, NY.


Angus Barstow– 11th, Waramaug (1st half)
Angus grew up in Middlebury, VT and is a graduate of Wheaton College in Massachusetts.  When he is not at Keewaydin Dunmore, he teaches and is the After School Program Director at the Bridge School in Middlebury, VT.  A skilled craftsman and athlete, he will help run knife craft, soccer, disc golf and canoeing.


Will Bausch1st, Wiantinaug
Will is a rising sophomore at Carleton College.  He was a camper through Wilderness.  At camp he will help with canoeing, kayaking, climbing, archery, riflery, soccer, and Frisbee.  Will comes from Chevy Chase, MD.


Sam Belin- 3rd, Annwi
Sam is a sophomore at the University of Denver, where he studies computer science. He was a camper through Wilderness. In his free time, he teaches snowboarding and organizes outdoor activities for his school.  At camp Sam will help with hiking, tripping, canoeing, tennis, A&C, drama, knife craft, archery, and disc golf.

Kyle Bennett- 5th, Wiantinaug (1st  half)
Kyle lives in Illinois, where he is an associate professor of biology at Elmhurst College.  In Wiantinaug he will help with exploration, disc golf, canoeing and more.  His sons, Beck (Moosalamoo) and Dylan (Waramaug), will be campers this summer.


Andrew Bialosky- 2nd, Waramaug
Born and raised in New York City, Andrew is a junior at Bard College. He joins the Keewaydin staff after a camper career from Annwi through Wilderness. In Waramaug he will help with canoeing, dramatics, archery, hiking, soccer and more.



David Blume- 5th, Wiantinaug, Camp Fishing and More (1st half)
David was originally on the Wiantinaug staff from 1987-89 and returned in 2018.  Since leaving camp, he earned his MBA from the University of Indiana and has had a career as an IT officer, including several years with the Indianapolis Colts. Now he teaches middle school science at the Fall Creek Valley Middle School outside of Indianapolis. David will help in a variety of ways, including camp head of fishing.  David lives in Carmel, Indiana with his wife, Amy, and his daughter, Sam.

Ben Bryant- 1st, Moosalamoo
Ben was a camper from Annwi through Wilderness and now joins the staff!  In the fall, he will be attending Skidmore College. In Moosalamoo he will assist with baseball, canoeing, soccer and hiking. Ben is from Berwyn, PA.



Peter Cahn- 9th, Wangan Room Head
Pete was a camper in the early 1980s, including Wilderness. He then went on to work on the Waramaug staff for three summers. Pete lives in Hinesburg, VT and teaches in Williston. An outdoor enthusiast, Pete is excited to oversee the Wangan Room operations again this summer.


Alexander Calder- 2nd  Wiantinaug
Alex returns to the Keewaydin staff after three summers away! He is a recent graduate of Hobart and William Smith College in upstate New York.  He will be on the Wiantinaug staff where he will help with kayaking, riflery, canoeing and dramatics.  Alex comes from New Rochelle, NY.

Daria Carden

Daria Carden- 22nd, Dunmore Office Manager
She has earned her All-Trails at Keewaydin and hopes this summer she will paddle the Keewaydin canoe that has her name on it.  A long-time volunteer at the local humane society and dog enthusiast, she and her husband Joe foster dogs. Her two grown daughters are Songadeewin Alumnae. She is a member of the Keewaydin Foundation office staff and manages the office at camp.


Ron Cannell- 26th, Wiantinaug (2nd month)
Ron has been on staff in Wiantinaug, Moosalamoo and on Wilderness.  He also directed the Trip School for several years.  In the off season, Ron is an engineering consultant, runs adventure trips and has a farm in Colombia.  He will assist with kayaking in Wiantinaug.

Sandy Chivers-1st, Office (2nd month)
Sandy grew up spending summers on Devils Island on Lake Temagami, where her father, Chief Chivers, was Director of Keewaydin Temagami from 1948 to 1974. Sandy managed the Ojibway Lodge from 1984-2012. Though she is very familiar with Dunmore, this will be her first summer working here. We look forward to welcoming her here!

Julia Cluss- 3rd, Nurse (1st half)
Julia is a graduate of the University of Vermont and works as full time registered, most recently for the University of Vermont Health Network.  She is a former Songadeewin camper through wilderness and staff. Julia grew up in Middlebury, VT.

Mimi Comeau- 3rd, Office
Mimi is the wife of Pete Cahn and helps out in the office.  She has also been seen helping Pete move wangans and getting the Wangan Room set up. Her full-time job is at the University of Vermont Health Center as a Speech-Language Pathologist.

Michael Deschenes- 2nd, Moosalamoo
After taking a gap year, Michael will be a freshman at Princeton University in the fall.  His camp career runs from Annwi to Wilderness. In Moosalamoo, he will help with basketball, canoeing, riflery, and Kicker. Michael calls Los Angeles, CA home.



Brooks Donnelly- 6th, Technical Theater, Driver, Lifeguard, High Ropes/Climbing
Brooks teaches history and technical theater at Thayer Academy in Massachusetts. He was on staff at camp in the mid-1990s and early 2000s. In his return to camp, he will drive trips, lifeguard, help with the technical theater in the Multi-House, facilitate top rope and rock wall climbing, and help in a variety of capacities as needed.

Dows, R

Red Dows- 27th, Waramaug, Camp Head of Exploration
Red was a mainstay on the staff in the 1970’s and 80’s in Annwi, Waramaug and Wiantinaug. For the past nine summers, he has been camp head of exploration. In the off-season, Red resides in Panton, VT. He is a collector of Vermont books and artifacts. Red also sells vintage flannel, wool and outdoor apparel.


Nik Elrifi- 4th, Annwi
Nik spent many years as a camper and Wilderness tripper. He will bring his talents in drama, swimming, writing, canoeing and martial arts to the Annwi wigwam.  Nik is a gradute of NYU Tisch School of the Arts. Nik calls Rye, NY home.



Eric Faller-6th, Waramaug
Eric, a camper in the 70’s and staffman in the 1980s and 1990s, returns to the staff after having recently retired from a career at Kaiser Permanente as Critical Care Director.  His son, Landon, will be a camper in Annwi. In Waramaug, Eric will help with canoeing, hiking, baseball and more. Eric and his family live in Brentwood, CA.

Riley Fenster- 1st, Nurse
A recent graduate of the University of Virginia College at Wise, Riley is excited to join the Keewaydin nurse team! Riley comes from Middlebury, VT, where she attended high school and excelled as a basketball and lacrosse player

Julian Gagnier- 4th, Waramaug

Julian grew up in the Netherlands and moved to North Carolina. Julian will be a senior at Maryland Institute College of Art, majoring in Architectural Design. Julian was a camper through Moos. In Waramaug, he will share his talents in climbing, arts and crafts, dramatics and canoeing.

Matthew Gibson- 2nd, Waramaug
Matthew is a junior at Boston University where he studies film and TV.  He began at Keewaydin in Annwi and continued through the Wilderness Program. In Waramaug, he will assist in canoeing, kayaking, soccer, ultimate and hiking. Matthew lives in Westport, CT.



Seth Gibson

Seth Gibson- 54, Driver
Formerly the Wilderness Trip Coordinator and Head Driver, Seth drives trips for camp.  A resident of Middlebury, VT, he enjoys Ralley Cars as a former Ralley Car driver.



Will Goldberg- 2nd, Annwi
After spending the year in Senegal, William is looking forward to being a sophomore in the fall at Princeton University.  He was a camper through first year Moosalamoo. In Annwi, Will assists with hiking, basketball, disc golf, soccer, riflery, and canoeing.


Gray Gutfreund1st, Wiantinaug
Graduating from high school this spring and a camper thru Moos, Gray will attend Syracuse University in the fall. In Wiantinaug he will assist in basketball, dramatics, canoeing, baseball and tennis. Gray is from Los Angeles, CA.


Owen Gutfreund- 39th, Moosalamoo Director and Associate Director of Dunmore
Owen is a professor specializing in urban policy and planning at Hunter College in New York City.  Owen and his wife, Victoria, have two children, Charlotte and Willa, who spent many summers at Songa as campers and staff.  The Gutfreunds live in Chappaqua, NY.



Victoria Gutfreund- 33rd, Special Projects
A talented artist and designer, Victoria helps in a myriad of ways at camp, such as planning new buildings, organizing the banquet and overseeing the popular “store cart.” She has also tutored campers for many summers.

Will Hanson- 1st, Waramaug
Will, a camper through the Wilderness Trip, joins the staff after completing his freshman year at Tufts University. In Waramaug, he will help with canoeing, archery, riflery, sailing and more. Will hails from Bronx, NY.



Diane Hare

Diane Hare- 35th, Head of Tutoring, the Dunmore Choir, Jazz Band, and campus tours
Diane runs the tutoring program at camp. She also organizes a camper-staff choral group and jazz band, which enrich Sunday Circles and other occasions with their beautiful music.  Diane and her husband (Camp Director, Pete Hare) have three children: Jenn (Longhouse leader at Songa), Ali (former staff and camper at Songa), and James (Moos staff).


James Hare- 10th, Moosalamoo, Assistant Director

James is a graduate of Elon University, where he majored in music production.  James was a camper through all the wigwams, including Wilderness.  He moved to Los Angeles in 2018 to pursue a career in music. This summer, he will be camp head of basketball and assist in ultimate frisbee, fitness, tennis, hiking and canoeing; as well as serve as Assistant Director of Moosalamoo. James grew up in Middlebury, VT, by way of Philadelphia.



Laurie Hare- 46th, Head of Arts and Crafts
For many years, Laurie has made A&C one of the most popular activities at camp.  Her talents go far beyond the confines of the arts and crafts building, however, as she helps out in many other ways, big and small.  In the off-season she resides in Vashon, WA, where she is an occupational therapist.


Pete Hare- 43rd, Camp Director
Pete became Camp Director in 2001 after many years on staff, including 11 as Wiantinaug Director. He is also the Executive Director of the Keewaydin Foundation. A history and Spanish teacher for 20 years, he lives in Middlebury, VT. In the off-season he enjoys playing basketball, mountain biking, and hiking the trails of Moosalamoo with his trusty dog, Archie.


Dan Hart-1st, Wiantinaug
Dan finished his freshman year UVM and heads to camp to join the staff this summer. A camper from Annwi through Wilderness, he will join the Wiantinaug staff and help with tennis, wrestling, riflery, hiking, canoeing and more. Dan is from Port Washington, NY.



Xavier Hayden-1st, Annwi
Xavier is a graduate of Bates College and has been an Admissions Counselor at UVM.  This will be his first summer at Keewaydin and he is eager to assist with Dramatics, swimming, soccer and climbing. Xavier resides in Burlington, VT.

Larry Hayes

Larry Hayes- 30th, Riflery and Archery
Larry and his wife, Marianne, live in Chambersburg, PA. Retired after a 30+ year career in environmental education, Larry is camp head of riflery and archery. He is also a professional storyteller!



Marianne Hayes- 29th, Store
Marianne is enjoying retirement after a career as an elementary art teacher. She has worn many hats at camp. This summer she will be back running the Store!



Nancy Hildreth- 9th, A&C assistant (1st half)
After a summer off, Nancy returns to camp, where she will assist in A&C. In the off-season, Nancy is an aide at the Tokeneke Elementary School in Connecticut.  She is joined at camp by her husband, Stephen. Her sons, Christopher, Owen and Dennis, and daughter, Grace, are all former Keewaydin and Songadeewin campers and staff!


Stephen Hildreth- 16th, Waramaug Director

In the off-season Stephen teaches humanities at the Masters Middle School in Dobbs Ferry, NY. A former camper, Stephen still loves to swim in Lake Dunmore, hike Mt. Moosalamoo, and sing in the Dining Hall.



Alim Ibrahim- 7th, Moosalamoo
Alim is a gradute of the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and preparing to become a physician’s assistant. Alim attended camp for many summers, through Moosalamoo. In Moosalamoo, he will head wrestling and kayaking, and help with tennis, dramatics and canoeing. Alim comes from Boston, MA.



Paul Jacobs- 25th, Wilderness Director
Paul is the Director of Wilderness Trips.  He has led fifteen wilderness trips during his Keewaydin career.  Paul and his wife, Lisa, live in Washington D.C., where he is a software consultant.




Ben Jacoff- 14th, Annwi Director (1st half)
A former Keewaydin camper, Wilderness tripper, and Annwi staff, Ben is Director of Annwi. Ben teaches 4th grade at the  Cathedral School in NYC. He has lived all over the world, but his favorite place to be is still the stern seat of a wood canvas canoe, looking out over the calm waters of Lake Dunmore. Ben will be joined this summer by his wife, Emma, their daughter, Alice, and their son, Eli!


Will Jurman-1st, Wiantinaug
Will will travel from his home in Los Angeles, CA to spend his first summer on the Keewaydin staff. In the off-season, he attends Pasadena City College and plans to major in film. In Wiantinaug, he will share his talents in dramatics, baseball, swimming, and basketball.



Katie Johnson- 8th, Business Manager
Along with being a top rate business manager, she also is an excellent cook!  Katie is a Keewaydin Old-Timer and is working on hiking the trails on Moosalamoo.



Charlie Kauffman- 3rd, Waramaug
Charlie is a sophomore at Middlebury College.  He was a camper through Wilderness.  This summerhe will help with hiking, soccer, kayaking, canoeing, drama, basketball, ultimate frisbee.  Charlie is from Stowe, VT.


Thomas Kenney- 2nd, Wiantinaug
Thomas began in Annwi and went all the way through Wilderness camper. After finishing his freshman year at the University of Michigan, he is pumped to join the staff! In Wiantinaug, he will share his skills in tennis, baseball, basketball, canoeing, kayaking and more. Thomas comes from the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia.


Linda Kokinis- 4th, Maitre D
Linda spent her career as a teacher and a school administrator in Connecticut and Vermont.  Retired now, but still substituting in local high schools during the school year, she returns as Maitre D this summer.  She lives in nearby Sudbury, on Lake Hortonia.

Ally Larocque – 4th, Nurse
A graduate of Middlebury Union High School, Ally just completed her Nursing Degree at the University of Vermont. After being the camp babysitter and working in the office she now comes back as a camp nurse. Ally comes from Middlebury, VT.

Hayden Laster1st, Wiantinaug
Hayden just graduated from high school and will attend Middlebury College in the fall. He started as a camper in Waramaug and continued on through the Wilderness Trip. In Wiantinaug, he will assist in soccer, canoeing, baseball, disc golf, and climbing. Hayden comes from Wilmington, DE.

Will Lewis- 6th, Moosalamoo
He returns to Moosalamoo this summer and will help with a plethora of activities, and is most excited to be back in the woods on trips.  Will calls Yarmouth, ME home.



Peter Lindholm- 7th, Annwi, Assistant Director 2nd month
Peter graduated from Middlebury College in 2018 with a degree in English. He will put his writing skills on display as the editor of the Kicker, and will also lead basketball in Annwi and assist in baseball. Peter lives in Burlington, VT.



Jamin Liu-1st, Wiantinaug
Jamin completed his freshman year at Harvard University, where he is majoring in computer science. He began his Keewaydin career in Waramaug and attended every year through Wilderness. In Wiantinaug, he will share his talents in swimming, music, canoeing and hiking. Jamin calls Newton, MA home.


Peter Macchiarulo- 2nd, Wiantinaug
Peter comes to join the staff at camp after finishing his junior year at Denison University. A former camper through Wilderness, he looks forward to helping out in Wiantinaug with climbing, hiking, Kicker, canoeing and dramatics. Peter is a native of Port Washington, NY.



Jesse MacDonald- 2nd, Wiantinaug
Jesse attends college in California and was a camper from Annwi through Wilderness.  This summer Jesse will help with canoeing, ultimate, sailing, climbing, kayaking, soccer, riflery, archery, swimming, and wind surfing.  Jesse calls Burlington, VT home.


Cameron MacDonald

Cameron MacDonald- 20th, Waramaug, Assistant Director (1st half)
Cameron grew up at Keewaydin and has become a mainstay on the Waramaug staff. During the off-season, Cameron is a high school counselor in Vienna, Virginia. He returns to Waramaug first half, as head of canoeing and assistant director.



MacDoanlad, Schuyler

Schuyler MacDonald- 5th, Wilderness Staff
Schuyler is a gradute of  Montana State University. A former camper through Wilderness, he joins the Wilderness staff this summer.  Schuyler grew up in Burlington, VT.




George Marsh- 7th, Wiantinaug
George was a camper through all the wigwams and has been on four Wilderness trips, two as a camper and two as staff. In Wiantinaug, he will assist in canoeing and camp craft. A crane operator by trade, George works in the Boston area in the off-season.



Scott McCurdy, Director 1st Half

Scott McCurdy- 21st, Wiantinaug Director
Scott is back as Director of Wiantinaug for the full summer this season! An adjunct professor at Brandman University and sixth grade teacher of math at Adams Middle School in California, he is a renowned youth baseball coach in the Bay area. Scott lives in Alamo, CA.


Logan McGrath1st, Waramaug

Logan is a freshman at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada, where he majors in business. He started in Waramaug and went all the way through to Wilderness.  In Waramaug he will assist with soccer, canoeing, climbing, dramatics and hiking. Logan is a native of Ottawa, Canada.


Ben McGraw- 25th, Moosalamoo (1st half)
A former camper and staff in Waramaug, Moosalamoo and Wilderness, Ben currently teaches middle school in the Boston area. In Moosalamoo, he will be in charge of the canoeing program and will share his talents as a soccer player.  Ben’s wife, Katy, will be joining him first month.  Their children, Malcolm, Seanna and Annika, have come all the way up through Wilderness. Malcolm will be joining him on the Keewaydin staff this summer.


Katy McGraw- 16th Office, A&C, Tutoring (1st  half)
During the “off season,” Katy is an elementary math specialist in the Brookline (MA) public schools. She will help with tutoring, A&C and in the office. She also does the print work on the awards’ board in the dining hall!



Malcolm McGraw1st, Moosalamoo
Malcolm completed a gap year working in a rock climbing gym. In the fall he heads off to Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington to begin his college career. A camper from Annwi through Wilderness, he brings his experience to Moosalamoo, where he will help with climbing, canoeing, ultimate and soccer. Malcolm was born and raised in Newton, MA.


Roni McLean- 11th, Arts and Crafts, Dispensary Driver, Store (2nd half)
Roni will be helping in Arts and Crafts, the Store and Dispensary Driver.  Her son, Silas, will be in Annwi and her husband, Matt, will visit throughout the summer.  Daughter Addie will be a camper at Songa! Roni and her family live in Andover, MA, where she teaches 1st grade at West Elementary School.

Noah Mendelson1st, Waramaug
Noah returns to camp after a camper career that stretched from Annwi through Wilderness. He is a sophomore at UVM. He brings his experience to Waramaug this summer and will assist in tennis, hiking, basketball, ultimate and canoeing.  Noah hails from Falmouth, MA.

Chris Miller- 18th, Wiantinaug (1st half)
Chris, a Boston native, is a teacher at the Garfield Elementary School outside of Boston.  An experienced coach, he is head of basketball in Wiantinaug and will assist in baseball. His wife, Heather, their daughter, Emily (a camper at Songadeewin), and their son, Zach (a Waramaug camper), will also be at camp!


Heather Miller- 17th (1st half), Wangan Room, Office and Dispensary Driver
Heather will help in the Wangan Room, Office and as the Dispensary Driver. Heather joins her husband, Chris, for her 15th year at Dunmore. During the year, she teaches at Garfield Elementary School. The Millers live in Bradford, MA.



Cannon Moltz- 8th, Waramaug
Cannon is a performing musician in Nashville, TN. He is finishing his education degree at Belmont University. He was a camper in Waramaug and Wiantinaug.  In Waramaug, he will lead ultimate, soccer, and disc golf; and help with baseball and canoeing.



Leo Moss1st, Waramaug
This will be Leo’s first summer at Keewaydin. He is a sophomore at Colby College, where he majors in philosophy. An experienced backpacker, he looks forward to helping out in Waramaug in basketball, climbing, kayaking, baseball, soccer and archery. Leo is from Bethesda, MD.


Cameron Nevin- 9th, Wilderness Trip
A graduate of the University of Vermont, Cam is a teacher in Colorado. An avid hiker, he has hiked the length of the Long Trail in Vermont. He served on the Wiantinaug staff and Moos staff for many years and now is leading his fourth Wilderness Trip. Cam grew up in Moretown, VT.


Nadji Ngbokoli- 2nd,
Nadji is a sophomore at Middlebury College. He returns to the staff after having been camper through Wilderness. In Wiantinaug he will assist in wrestling, soccer, canoeing, hiking and more. Nadji comes from Yonkers, NY.



Ken Norris- 7th, Driver, Archery
Ken was a Moos staffman from 1978 to 1983 and worked at KEEC for three seasons. He is recently retired after working 23 years for the state of New York in the Office of Child and Family Services.  Ken will drive trips this summer, as well as help with activities such as soccer, archery and swimming.


Bill O’Hare- 7th, Waramaug (2nd half)
Bill discovered Keewaydin through Rick Hopkins. He is a Physical Education and Health Education teacher at Highgate Heights Elementary School, a K-8 school in the Buffalo City Schools district.  In Waramaug, he will assist with basketball, baseball, soccer and volleyball.  Bill calls Tonawanda, NY home.



Oppenheimer, M

Mig Oppenheimer- 14th, Waramaug (1st half),
Mig and his wife, Elise, live in Fairfax, VA, where he is a technology education teacher at Bull Run Middle School. This summer he will be head of dramatics first month. He will also help with riflery, canoeing, archery, and juggling. In his free time, Mig is an active runner and backpacker and enjoys disc golf, scuba diving, and woodworking.


Elise Oppenheimer- 4th, Camp Photographer and Tutor (1st)
Elise lives in Fairfax, Virginia, where she works in information technology. She is looking forward to another summer at Keewaydin, where she will be in her new position as Camp Photographer! Elise loves hiking, reading, and all things nerdy.


Becky Patch- 33rd, Tutor (1st  half)
Becky is a retired elementary school teacher in Asheville, NC. She is a new grandmother to a future Keewaydin camper. At camp, she will assist with tutoring. She is looking forward to being back at camp and hiking on Mt. Moosalamoo!



Frankie Pasquariello1st, Annwi
Frankie is sophomore at Niagara University in New York. After a camper career that brought him from Waramaug through Wilderness, he returns to the staff where he will be in Annwi assisting in kayaking, canoeing, basketball, dramatics, hiking and riflery. Frankie hails from Bronx, NY.


Becky Patch- 35th, Tutor
Becky is a retired elementary school teacher in Asheville, NC. She is a new grandmother to a future Keewaydin camper. At camp, she will assist with tutoring. She is looking forward to being back at camp and hiking on Mt. Moosalamoo!

Steve Patch

Steve Patch- 42st, Caretaker of Mt. Moosalamoo and Paddling Specialist
Steve will manage the trails on Mt. Moosalamoo, as well as teach canoeing and whitewater paddling. In the off-season, he is a recently retired math professor from UNC Asheville. He will be joined at camp by his wife, Becky.



Mandy Paulson- 6th, Dramatics, Tutoring (1st half)
Mandy has been on staff at Songa for five previous summers. This summer she will be lending a hand in dramatics at Keewaydin! She is excited to spend the first month at camp along with her husband, Pete Wright, their two-year-old son, Ellis, and one-year-old, daughter, Amelia. Mandy and her family live in Tarrytown, NY.

Anne Randlett- 13th, Nurse
Anne is back to help at the McPhee Dispensary.  She is married to Lee Randlett, Director of Facilities, and is mom to Charlie and camp nurse, Julia Cluss, both past Verendrye trippers. In her free time, she enjoys silversmithing, gardening and fishing with Lee.

Lee Randlett- 19th, Director of Facilities
Working with the York House crew, Lee brings a wealth of construction related experiences as Director of Facilities to the Keewaydin Foundation. He and his crew are responsible for the buildings and grounds at both Keewaydin and Songadeewin! The great condition of our camps is a testament to the dedication of Lee and his crew. Outside of camp (and sometimes at camp), Lee is an avid tennis player and fisherman.


Owen Reed1st, Moosalamoo
Owen graduated from high school in the spring and will head to Johns Hopkins University in the fall. He started in Waramaug and continued through Wilderness. In Moosalamoo, he will assist with sailing, canoeing, archery, dramatics and more. Owen comes from New York City.

Lauren Sack- 14th, Wangan, Office, Tutoring (2nd half)
Lauren will help in the Wangan Room, the office and in a variety of other areas. Lauren, a native of Salisbury, VT, teaches science in the Boston area.


Stephanie Sack- 29th, Camp Head of Waterfront
Stephanie lives in Washington, D.C. where she teaches elementary school art at St. Patrick’s Episcopal Day School. She has been a loyal staff member, serving first as the camp babysitter and then becoming the Head of the Waterfront.



Beryl Salvatore1st, Nurse (2nd Half)
Beryl recently retired after a career in nursing, including the past 23 years as Director of Health Sevices at Mount St Mary’s University in Los Angeles. Beryl is the grandmother of Julian and Eileen Angelo, campers at Keewaydin and Songadeewin, respectively. Beryl lives in Northridge, California.

Aaron Salzman- 8th, Moosalamoo
A former diver at the College of Wooster, Aaron is working on an MFA in writing at the University of Alaska. In Moos, he will assist with all waterfront activities! Aaron grew up in Rochester, NY.



James Shaw- 1st, Moosalamoo
James graduated this spring form high school and will attend MIT in the fall. He brings strengths in tennis, canoeing, climbing, disc golf and more to the Moosalamoo wigwam. James hails from Cambridge, MA.



Nathan Shemwell- 3rd, Wiantinaug
Nathan attends the University of Notre Dame and was a camper through Wilderness.  In Wiantinaug, he will help with soccer, baseball, canoeing, ultimate, archery, kayaking, hiking, fishing and sailing.  Nathan calls Tuscaloosa, Alabama home.


Alex Simons- 3rd, Moosalamoo
Alex, a graduate of Williams College, learned about camp from Alex Smith-Bove.  In college, he studied math and physics. In Moosalamoo he will assist in climbing, soccer, hiking, canoeing and archery.  Alex comes from McLean, VA.


Aaron Smith- 4th, Annwi (1st half)
Aaron comes to us from Brandon, VT, after learning of camp from high school basketball teammates, James Hare and Peter Lindholm. He has recently accepted a position to become the new Athletics Event, Facility, and Equipment Manager at Plymouth State University in Plymouth, NH. In Annwi, he will help with baseball, basketball, tennis, soccer, archery and pet rocks.



Alexander Smith-Bove- 7th, Wilderness
Alex spent many summers at Keewaydin, including two on wilderness trips. This summer he joins the Wilderness staff. Alex comes from Northampton, MA.




Bill Souser- 16th, Wiantinaug, Assistant Director (2nd half)
Bill just finished his third year teaching history at Lakeside School in Seattle, WA.  A camper at Keewaydin through Wilderness, he grew up in York, PA and graduated from Middlebury College.  A member of the Expedition 2012 crew, Bill will be the Wiantinaug Assistant Director 2nd half this summer.



Carlos Spigel- 8th, Annwi, Second Half Director
Carlos is a graduate of the Barrett Honors College at Arizona State University as a psychology major. In the fall, he will be entering his third and final year in the masters’ teaching program at the Bank Street Graduate School of Education in New York City. He will also be entering his third year as an associate teacher at the Bank Street School for Children. He was a camper at Keewaydin through Moos. This summer, he will lead canoeing as well as help with tennis, soccer, sailing, and diving in Annwi.  Carlos will also be the Director of Annwi 2nd half. Born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Carlos now lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Joaquin Stella- 2nd, Moosalamoo
A recent graduate of the University of Michigan, Joaquin returns to the staff after several summers away. He was a camper for many years, including the Wilderness Program. In Moos, he will help with soccer, disc golf, and canoeing. Joaquin is from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Tim Tadlock- 22nd, Head of Tripping and KEEC
Tim works full time at Keewaydin as the Director of the Keewaydin Environmental Education Center (KEEC). During the summer, he is Head of Tripping. A graduate of Prescott College, he has a wealth of knowledge of environmental education. Tim and his wife, Heather, and their daughter, Tallulah, live in Sudbury, VT.



Emma Tessler- 6th, Annwi A&C
Emma is currently working towards a masters’ degree in mental health counseling. She is looking forward to helping out at camp in a variety of ways—especially with Annwi A&C.  Emma is married to Annwi Director, Ben Jacoff.  Their daughter, Alice, and son, Eli, will be part of the Annwi landscape this summer!



Ernesto Toro- 1st, Moosalamoo
Ernesto is the fourth of the Toro family to join the staff! He will be in Moosalamoo this summer where he will share his talents in sailing, windsurfing, climbing, soccer, tennis, and more! In the off season, he is a student at La Universidad Metropolitana in Caracas, Venezuela, the city where he was raised.


Gustavo Toro- 2nd, Moosalamoo (2nd half)
Gustavo comes from Venezuela, where he is in university studying engineering.  A camper Annwi through Moos, he is on the Moos staff where he will help with kayaking, sailing, swimming, canoeing, climbing and wrestling.



Jorge Toro Sr.- 2nd, Wiantinaug (2nd)
Jorge Toro, father of Jorge, Gustavo and Ernesto, is back on staff this summer!  Jorge was a camper from Annwi through Wilderness in the 1970s and 80s.  He will help with sailing, paddleboarding, hiking, soccer, tennis and wrestling.  Jorge and his family live in Caracas, Venezuela.


Jorge Toro Jr.- 6th,   Wilderness
After five years on the Wiantinaug staff, Jorge joins the Wilderness staff. A skilled kayaker, climber and mountain biker, this summer he will lead the Wilderness crew to the Boundary Waters in Minnesota. Jorge graduated from La Metropolitana in Caracas where he studied engineering.


Martin Troska1st, Waramaug
Martin traveled from his home in the Czech Republic to study at Middlebury College. While in Vermont, he discovered Keewaydin and is thrilled to work here this summer. He will be in Waramaug and he brings stengths in soccer and backpacking.



Matthew Trunsky-  4th, Moosalamoo
Matt recently graduated from the University of Iowa this year, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology.  A former high school sailing team captain, in Moosalamoo he will help with sailing and also assist kayaking, fishing, canoeing and archery.  Matt comes from Wilmette, Illinois.


Brett Viens-1st, Waramaug
Brett is excited to come back to Keewaydin. He was a camper for eight years, Annwi through Moos. He is currently a junior at the University of Maine, majoring in Communications.  He looks forward to assisting in canoeing, land sports and many of the other activities Keewaydin has to offer. Brett is from Middlebury, Vermont.



Jack Waterman- 4th, Moosalamoo

Jack graduated from Middlebury Union High School and just completed his junior year at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, Mass.  He was a camper from Wiantinaug through Wilderness. In Moosalamoo, he will help with baseball, canoeing, dramatics, riflery and archery.  Jack lives in Weybridge, VT.

Xavier Wetterhahn-1st, Waramaug
This will be Xavier’s first summer at Keewaydin. A junior at Clark University in Massachusetts studying music, they will join the Waramaug staff. They look forward to helping with hiking, soccer, dramatics, climbing and sailing. Xavier is from Worcester, MA.



Asante Wheat- 1st, Waramaug
Asante is a freshman at Buffalo State University where he majors in film. He enjoyed Keewaydin as a camper in Wiantinaug and Moos. As a staffman in Waramaug, he will share his enthusiasm for dramatics, the Kicker, arts and crafts, and games of all varieties! Asante is from Brooklyn. NY



Justin Wiese1st, Wiantinaug
Justin is a junior at Boston University. He joins the staff after several summers away from camp, where he spent summers from Waramaug through Wilderness. In Wiantinaug, he will help with kayaking, baseball, tennis, dramatics and canoeing. Justin hails from Duxbury, MA.



Hunter Wiles-2nd, Waramaug
Hunter began his Keewaydin career in Annwi and continued through Wiantinaug. He returns as a staffman now, where he will help with dramatics, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, soccer and more in Waramaug. A junior at Ithaca College where he is a member of the varsity track team. He is from Bronx, NY.


Matt Wilkinson1st, Wiantinaug
Matt is junior at Middlebury College. A former camper who spent seven summer on Dunmore from Annwi through Wilderness, he joins the Wiantinaug staff where he will share his skills in hiking, canoeing, soccer, riflery, dramatics and more! Matt lives in London, England.


Ken Woodard-23rd, Wiantinaug
Ken is a high school history teacher extraordinaire at the Stone Ridge School in Washington, D.C. A famed hiker of the trails of Moosalamoo, he is camp head of hiking. Ken and his family live in Kensington, MD. When not wearing out hiking shoes, he’s an avid reader and podcaster. He produces “Lunch Duty Podcast,” a series about teaching by teachers.

Luke Woodard-3rd Wiantinaug
Luke has spent many summers at Keewaydin, starting in Annwi and continuing up through two Wilderness trips. After graduating from Saint Michael’s College, he took much of what he learned at camp and hiked the Pacific Crest Trail. He currently lives in Stamford, CT. This summer Luke will be helping with hiking, kayaking, and rock climbing.


Peter Wright-15th, Wiantinaug, Assistant Director (1st half)
Peter was a camper through Wilderness and a member of the Expedition 2012. He teaches math and coaches at Hackley School.  He comes to camp this year with his wife Mandy Paulson and their two-year-old son, Ellis, and one-year-old, daughter, Amelia. At camp Peter will help with canoeing, baseball, basketball; as well as serve as assistant director 1st half.

Hayden Yearout-2nd, Waramaug
After graduating high school in 2020, Hayden spent a gap year working at REI and doing service work in Hawaii, and will enter the University of Colorado in the fall. Hayden was a camper on Dunmore for five summers from Waramaug through Wilderness, and he will be a member of the Waramaug staff where he will assist in hiking, astronomy, dramatics, tennis and more. Hayden is from Mill Valley, CA.


Santiago Zuluaga- 3rd, Wiantinaug
Santiago discovered Keewaydin through his cousin, Camilo Duque.  An accomplished rock climber, he will lead climbing this summer.  In Wiantinaug, he will also help with hiking, lifeguarding and riflery.  Santiago comes from Cali, Colombia.