2024 Keewaydin Dunmore Staff

Sergio Acosta Obando -5th, Wiantinaug

Sergio, a high school history teacher, comes to Keewaydin from Armenia, Colombia. He has lived in Denmark and studied Sustainable Heritage Management. At camp he will help with climbing, canoeing, soccer, nature and hiking. He discovered Keewaydin through his friend, Santiago Zuluaga.


Jakob Adler- 4th, Wilderness 

A senior at Bates College, Jakob was a camper through Wilderness and now returns to the staff to help lead a Wilderness trip. Jakob calls Los Angeles home.




Finn Ahrens – 1st, Waramaug

Finn just finished sophomore year at Wesleyan, where he studies economics and data analytics and plays on the varsity lacrosse team. A camper for many summers through Moosalamoo, he joins Waramaug where he will help with tennis, canoeing, hiking, soccer and basketball. Finn calls Rye, NY home.




Jeremy Altman- 2nd, Waramaug

Jeremy spent last year hiking the AT and teaching backcountry skiing. He now attends Colorado College. In Waramaug, he will be head of kayaking and will assist in sailing, canoeing, ultimate frisbee and climbing. Jeremy lives in Newton, MA.

Jen Anderson- 16th, Head of Store (2nd half) 

Jen, mother of Townes and wife of Tim, worked at Songadeewin for three summers. This will be her sixteenth summer at Keewaydin helping with store, tutoring, wangan room, and helping out in the office from time to time. Jen teaches fourth grade at the Marin Country Day School in the Bay Area of California.





Tim Anderson- 22nd, Waramaug Director (2nd half)

Originally from Michigan and a graduate of Hope College and Tufts University, Tim is currently a seventh and eighth-grade science teacher at Marin Country Day School, north of San Francisco. He will be the Waramaug Grove director for the second half of the summer. He will be joined at camp by his wife, Jen, and their son, Townes (12 years old), and their dog Bailey.


Ben Aurbach- 3rdd, Waramaug

Ben is a rising junior at Georgetown University. He was a camper through Wilderness. In Waramaug this summer he will help out with wrestling, canoeing, rock climbing and soccer. Ben comes from Washington, DC.



Jasper Bass-Klausner – 1st, Annwi

Jasper recently finished sophomore year at Wesleyan University, where he majors in film. A camper through Moosalamoo, he joins the Annwi staff where he will help with canoeing, hiking, kicker, dramatics and climbing. Jasper calls New York City home.




Quinn Bausch- 2nd, Wiantinaug

Quinn just completed his sophomore year at Grinnell College in Iowa. In Wiantinaug, he will assist with canoeing, kayaking, sailing and rock climbing. Quinn hails from Washington, D.C.

Kyle Bennett-9th, Wiantinaug (1st half)

Kyle lives in Illinois, where he is an associate professor of biology at Elmhurst University.  In Wiantinaug he will help with exploration, disc golf, canoeing, ultimate frisbee and more.  His son, Dylan will be a Moos camper this summer.



Cole Bernstein – 1st, Annwi

Cole is an English and film studies major at Washington University in St. Louis, where he recently completed his sophomore year. New to Keewaydin, he is excited to join the Annwi staff, where he will assist with dramatics, baseball, soccer and basketball. Cole comes from Deerfield, Illinois.





Manuel Bertoni Lara – 1st, Waramaug

Manu teaches physical education and soccer in Santiago, Chile, where he was born and raised. He learned of Keewaydin through Charlotte Gutfreund. A multi-talented athlete, he is thrilled to join the Keewaydin staff and will work in Waramaug, where he will help with soccer, basketball, tennis and volleyball. He also plays the guitar!




Caleb Blaustein- 1st, Moosalamoo

Caleb graduated from high school this spring. A camper through the Wilderness Trip, he joins the Moosalamoo staff where he will help with climbing, soccer, disc golf, canoeing and archery. Caleb comes from Lafayette, CO.





Pip Booth- 1st, Moosalamoo

A former camper through Wilderness, Pip recently completed his sophomore year at the University of Leeds in the UK. He is excited to join the Moos staff where he will assist with kayaking, canoeing, soccer, hiking and disc golf. Pip hails from New York City.



Sam Brakeley- 13th, Wilderness Director

Sam was on the Moos staff for two summers and has since led nine Wilderness trips and is now the Director of the Wilderness Program. He is a graduate of Colby College where he majored in environmental studies. He is the founder and owner of Hermit Woods Trailbuilders, LLC, author of several travel books and also makes maple syrup in the winters.


Ben Bryant- 4th, Moosalamoo

Ben, a camper from Annwi through Wilderness, is a junior at Skidmore College. In Moosalamoo he will assist with baseball, canoeing, soccer and hiking. Ben is from Berwyn, PA.



Niall Butchart- 7th, Wiantinaug

A graduate of Earlham College in Indiana, Niall looks forward to helping out with soccer, hiking, basketball, climbing and swimming in Wiantinaug. Niall hails from Needham, MA.



Santiago Caballero- 1st, Wiantinaug

Having been a camper through Moosalamoo, Santi returns to Keewaydin as staff. He recently completed his junior year at the University of Navarra in Spain. He will join the Wiantinaug staff where he will help with kayaking, soccer, canoeing, tennis and more! Santi is from Caracas, Venezuela.

Pete Cahn-14th, Head of Wangan Room

Pete was a camper in the early 1980s, including Wilderness. He then went on to work on the Waramaug staff for three summers. Pete lives in Hinesburg, VT and teaches in Williston. An outdoor enthusiast, Pete is excited to oversee the Wangan Room operations again this summer.



Ron Cannell- 30th, Wiantinaug (2nd half)(2nd month)

Ron has been on staff in Wiantinaug, Moosalamoo and on Wilderness. He also directed the Trip School for several years. In the off season, Ron is an engineering consultant, runs adventure trips and a nature reserve where he is developing ecotourism in Colombia. He will assist with kayaking in Wiantinaug.



Daria Carden

Daria Carden- 25th, Office Manager

After a lifetime growing up in Vermont and raising a family, Daria and her husband, Joe, now hail from York, SC. She returns to camp as the Office Manager, and she continues to be a member of the Foundation’s year-round staff. Her two grown daughters are both Songadeewin alumnae and she hopes that someday Luna Cuomo, daughter of Songadeewin alumna Kelsey (Barry) Cuomo, her granddaughter, will come to camp.


Joe Carden- 11th, Driver

Joe drives trips for Keewaydin and helps out in many other ways. He has done All-Trails and enjoys watching the Friday Frolics. In the off season, he drives a school bus for South Carolina schools and takes care of Rupert, Lilly Potter and Diesel Pig, the dogs that he swears actually belong to his wife.



Vincent Cartularo- 8th, Driver

Butch heard about Keewaydin from his friend Don Smith. In the off season Butch is a jack of all trades, handy and helpful in many ways. He also works for Dakin Farms. He hails from Hinesburg, VT.

Daniel Chan- 1st, Waramaug

Daniel, a freshman at Wesleyan University, learned of camp through Jaray Liu. A former captain of his high school swim team, he will help with swimming, archery, and climbing in Waramaug. Daniel comes from Newton, MA.





Elijah Clapp- 11th, Waramaug

Eli returns to camp for his 11th summer on staff. He lives in West Hartford, CT with his wife Annabel and son Benjamin, who will be a camper in Wiantinaug. He works as an elementary school teacher the rest of the year.

nullCole Clark- 5th, Wiantinaug Assistant Director (1st half)

Cole is a graduate of Rider University, where he earned his bachelor’s degree and played golf. He was a camper for many summers and loves to be back at Keewaydin. In Wiantinaug, he will assist with baseball, hiking, basketball, tennis and canoeing. Cole is originally from New Jersey and in the last few years has lived in California, Montana, Tennessee and Arizona.


Andrew Cochran- 2nd, Moosalamoo

Andrew was a camper through the Wilderness trip. He is a sophomore at the University of Vermont, where he studies environmental science. Andrew is on the Moos staff where he will share his knowledge and talents in disc golf, baseball and canoeing. Andrew hails from Baltimore, MD.

Thomas Collier- 1st, Moosalamoo

Thomas recently completed his freshman year at Marist College in New York. A former camper through Wilderness, he can’t wait to join the Moos staff and help out with canoeing, campcraft, basketball, archery and more! Thomas calls Brooklyn, NY home.




Mary-Kara Comeau- 6th, General Staff

Mimi is the wife of Pete Cahn and helps out in the office. She has also been seen helping Pete move wangans and getting the Wangan Room set up. In addition to working at camp in the summer, her full-time job is at the University of Vermont Medical Center as a Speech-Language Pathologist and Certified Neonatal Therapist.


Owen Congdon- 1st, Annwi

A sophomore at UVM, Owen learned of camp from staffmen Malen Riordan and Jonah Lieberman. A former captain of his high school soccer team, he looks forward to helping out in soccer, hiking, disc golf, tennis, backpacking and more in Annwi! Owen is from Denver, CO.




Patrick Crowell- 1st, Moosalamoo

Patrick completed his freshman year at Santa Clara University in CA this spring, where he majors in engineering. He was a camper through Wilderness. A former captain of his high school ultimate frisbee team, he looks forward to helping out with that activity, as well as with kayaking, archery, diving and swimming in Moosalamoo. Patrick comes from Chevy Chase, MD.




Antoine Culbertson- 2nd, Waramaug

A student at Queens University, Antoine learned of camp from staffman Logan McGrath. In Waramaug he will assist in soccer, baseball, swimming and arts and crafts. Antoine is from Ottawa, Ontario.

Georges de Vilmorin- 1st, Waramaug

Georges is excited to return to the staff after having been a camper through Moosalamoo. He is currently studying law in Paris. A former captain of his high school soccer and tennis teams, he can’t wait to join the Waramaug staff and help lead those sports, as well as riflery, canoeing, swimming and more. Georges is from Paris, France.




Camper Photo

Kira Dobson- 10th, Health Center Staff

Kira was on the Keewaydin Staff for four summers and then worked on the Songa staff for five summers. Originally from Arroyo Grande, California, Kira currently resides in Oceano where she works as a Home Health nurse and Wound Care Specialist. Her first summer camp experience was at seven-years-old at a girls’ camp in the Sierra Nevada Mountains where she stayed for eight weeks! Kira’s son, Jack, will be a Wiantinaug camper

Dows, R

J. Douglas Dows- 30th, Waramaug

Red was a mainstay on the staff in the 1970’s and 80’s in Annwi, Waramaug and Wiantinaug. For the past ten summers, he has been camp head of exploration. In the off-season, Red resides in Panton, VT. He is a collector of Vermont books and artifacts. Red also sells vintage flannel, wool and outdoor apparel.



Ian Duane- 2nd, Waramaug

After spending a gap year in Australia, Ian has been attending St. John’s in Maryland. A camper through Wilderness, he brings his talents to Waramaug, where he will assist in riflery, tennis, hiking, canoeing and kayaking. Ian comes from Ardmore, PA.

Willem Dube- 3rd, Waramaug

Willem is a Senior at Miami of Ohio University where he studies mechanical engineering. He joins the staff after a camper career through Wilderness. In Waramaug he will help with sailing, canoeing, rock climbing and ultimate. Willem lives in London, England.



Nikolas Elrifi- 7th, Annwi Assistant Director (1st half)

Nik spent many years as a camper and Wilderness tripper. He will bring his talents in drama, swimming, writing, canoeing and martial arts to the Annwi wigwam. Nik is a graduate of NYU Tisch School of the Arts. Nik calls Rye, NY home.

Gaspar Epstein- 8th, Wiantinaug (1st half)

Gaspar came back to Keewaydin after a 20 year break. Gaspar teaches Spanish and coaches the boys’ varsity soccer team at the Riverdale School in New York City. An avid backpacker, he has recently hiked the Continental Divide. At camp, he will help with soccer and hiking.

Eric Faller- 7th, Driver and Etc. man

Eric, a camper in the 70’s and staffman in the 1980s and 1990s, returns to the staff after having recently retired from a career at Kaiser Permanente as Critical Care Director. His son, Landon, will be a camper in Waramaug. Eric and his family live in Brentwood, CA.

Gregory Fiegel- 1st, Wiantinaug

Greg recently finished his junior year at the University of Buffalo. He returns to staff, having been a camper through the Wilderness Trip. A creative person who once headed a group in college that constructed a miniature windmill, he is thrilled to join the Wiantinaug staff where he will help with kayaking, canoeing, hiking, climbing and more! Greg is a proud resident of Buffalo, NY.




Stefan Gagnier- 2nd, Waramaug

A former Wilderness tripper, Stefan brings great experience to camp! Stefan works in Waramaug, where he will assist in rock climbing, canoeing, tennis and exploration. Stefan lives in Washington, DC.


Ignacio Gamero-2nd, Annwi

Ignacio discovered Keewaydin from the Toro family. He just completed his sophomore year at Middlebury College, where he studies political science. In Annwi he will assist in many activities, including archery, kayaking and tennis. Ignacio comes from Miami, FL.

Ann Greenamyre- 1st, Business Manager

Ann recently joined the Keewaydin Foundation team after 28 years at NRG Systems in Hinesburg. During her tenure at NRG, Ann gained an extensive amount of accounting knowledge performing all the various accounting functions, while spending the last 10 years in the VP of Finance role. When not working, Ann enjoys baking, cross country skiing, jigsaw puzzles and waterskiing. Ann lives in Middlebury with her family and they are currently renovating their summer camp on Lake Dunmore into their year-round residence. Ann is thrilled to be part of the Foundation team.

Hudson Greene- 3rd, Annwi

Hudson, a graduate of the University of Vermont, returns to Keewaydin after a camper career through Wiantinaug. In Annwi he will help with ultimate frisbee, hiking, disc golf, canoeing, basketball, and soccer. Hudson hails from Katonah, NY.

Quincy Greene- 2nd, Annwi

Quincy returns to Keewaydin after many years as a camper, including the Wilderness Trip. Multi-talented, he will assist in Annwi with kayaking, canoeing, basketball, tennis, wrestling and more. Quincy will be a junior at the University of Wisconsin in the fall. He lives in Katonah, NY.

2012-Keewaydin-0698Owen Gutfreund- 42nd, Moosalamoo Director and Associate Director of Dunmore

Owen is a professor specializing in urban policy and planning at Hunter College in New York City. Owen and his wife, Victoria, have two children, Charlotte and Willa, who spent many summers at Songa as campers and staff. The Gutfreunds live in Chappaqua, NY.



Victoria Gutfreund- 36th, Building Design and Special Projects

A talented artist and designer, Victoria helps in a myriad of ways at camp, such as planning new buildings, organizing the banquet, and lending a hand wherever needed!



William Hanson- 5th, Waramaug

Will, a camper through the Wilderness Trip, joins the staff after completing his senior year at Tufts University. In Waramaug, he will help with canoeing, archery, riflery, sailing and more. Will hails from Bronx, NY.



Diane Hare

Diane Hare- 39th, Head of Tutoring, the Dunmore Choir, Jazz Band, and campus tours

Diane runs the tutoring program at camp. She also organizes a camper-staff choral group and jazz band, which enrich Sunday Circles and other occasions with their beautiful music. Diane and her husband (Camp Director, Pete Hare) have three children: James, member of the Moos staff; Ali, former staff and Songadeewin alumna; and Jenn, Songa alumna and Assistant Director at Songadeewin.

James Hare-12th, Moos, etc. (2nd half)

A mainstay of the Moos staff for many summers, James returns to help out in the 2nd half. Commuting and working mostly during the day, he will help primarily in Moos, but will also assist in other Groves. James returned to school this year, pursuing a career in computer science. He lives in Burlington, VT.


Laurie Hare- 48th, Head of Arts and Crafts

For many years, Laurie has made A&C one of the most popular activities at camp. Her talents go far beyond the confines of the arts and crafts building, however, as she helps out in many other ways, big and small. In the off-season she resides in Vashon, WA, where she is an occupational therapist.



Pete Hare- 46th, Camp Director

Pete became Camp Director in 2001 after many years on staff, including 11 as Wiantinaug Director. He is also the Executive Director of the Keewaydin Foundation. A history and Spanish teacher for 20 years, he lives in Middlebury, VT. In the off-season he enjoys playing basketball, mountain biking, and hiking the trails of Moosalamoo with his trusty dog, Archie.



Larry Hayes- 33rd, Head of Target Sports

Larry and his wife, Marianne, live in Chambersburg, PA. Retired after a 30+ year career in environmental education, Larry is camp head of riflery and archery. He is also a professional storyteller!



Alister Holmes- 3rd, Moosalamoo

Alister comes to us from Auckland, New Zealand. Returning after several summers away, he has extensive outdoor recreation experience as an instructor at the Great Aussie Bush Camp in Australia. In Moosalamoo, he will help with climbing, archery, orienteering, and kayaking.

Rick Hopkins- 15th, Waramaug

Rick is a retired physical education teacher and coach from Buffalo, NY. Before his teaching career he was an ice hockey and lacrosse player/coach in Perth, Western Australia. He was also a television sportscaster in LaCrosse, WI and Watertown, NY prior to teaching.

Ben Jacoff- 15th, Annwi Director (1st half)

A former Keewaydin camper, Wilderness tripper, and Annwi staff, Ben is Director of Annwi. Ben teaches 4th grade at the Cathedral School in NYC. He has lived all over the world, but his favorite place to be is still the stern seat of a wood canvas canoe, looking out over the calm waters of Lake Dunmore. Ben will be joined this summer by his wife, Emma, their daughter, Alice, and their son, Eli!

Matt Joyall- 3rd, Wilderness

Matt was on Moos staff previously and is returning for another summer on wilderness. He graduated from UVM with a degree in Outdoor Education and Youth Development. He works year round as an outdoor educator and backcountry guide in Vermont. He enjoys climbing, skiing, and paddling throughout the year.



Ally Larocque – 7th, Nurse

Ally completed her Nursing Degree at the University of Vermont and works as a school nurse in Denver, CO. She started as the camp babysitter and worked in the office, and she comes back as a camp nurse. Ally comes from Salisbury, VT.



Hayden Laster4th, Wiantinaug

Hayden is a junior at Middlebury College. He started as a camper in Waramaug and continued on through the Wilderness Trip. In Wiantinaug, he will assist in soccer, canoeing, baseball, disc golf, and climbing. Hayden comes from Wilmington, DE.



William Lewis- 9th, Moosalamoo Assistant Director

Will returns to Moosalamoo this summer, where he will help with a plethora of activities. He is most excited to be back in the woods on trips. Will was born and raised in Maine.



Jonah Lieberman- 3rd, Moosalamoo

Jonah attends Colby College in ME. A camper from Annwi through Moos, Jonah will assist in kayaking, sailing, basketball, canoeing, dramatics, and tennis. Jonah calls Brookline, MA home.



Peter Lindholm- 12th, Annwi Assistant Director (2nd half)

Peter works at JFK Elementary School in Winooski, VT as a behavior interventionalist. A graduate of Middlebury College with a degree in English, he puts his writing skills to work as the editor of the Kicker, Keewaydin’s award winning summer weekly written by campers and staff, and will also be Assistant Director of Annwi during second half. Peter lives in Winooski, VT.


Jaray Liu- 1st, Wiantinaug

Jaray returns to camp after many years as a camper, including Moos. He attends Harvard University where he will be a sophomore in the fall. A talented musician, he will assist with swimming, kayaking, canoeing in Wiantinaug. Jaray lives in Newton, MA.




Stephen Macchiarulo- 2nd, Wiantinaug

After having spent a gap year in Japan, Stephen attends Lewis and Clark College. A camper through Wilderness, he will be a Wiantinaug staffman where he will assist with canoeing, hiking, volleyball and dramatics. Stephen calls Sands Point, NY home.

Cameron MacDonald- 23rd, Waramaug Director (1st half)

Cameron grew up at Keewaydin and has become a mainstay on the Waramaug staff. During the off-season, Cameron is a high school counselor and JV soccer and basketball coach at The Blue Ridge School in St. George, Virginia. He returns to Waramaug first half as the director.



Jesse MacDonald- 5th, Wiantinaug (2nd half)

Jesse graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. He was a camper from Annwi through Wilderness. This summer, Jesse will help in a wide array of activities, including canoeing, ultimate, climbing, sailing, kayaking, disc golf, swimming, hiking, and stand-up paddling boarding. Jesse calls Burlington, VT home.



Matheus Martins Beraldi- 1st, Wiantinaug

Matheus comes to us from San Paolo, Brazil, where he studies civil engineering and business administration. An experienced soccer player, he will also help with climbing, hiking and backpacking.





Logan McGrath4th, Waramaug

Logan is a senior at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada, where he majors in business. He started in Waramaug and went all the way through to Wilderness. In Waramaug he will assist with soccer, canoeing, climbing, dramatics and hiking. Logan is a native of Ottawa, Canada.


Bolton McKnight- 2nd, Wiantinaug

Another former camper and Wilderness tripper, Bo is a sophomore at the University of Vermont. He will be working in Wiantinaug and will share his enthusiasm for basketball, swimming, ultimate and soccer. Bo lives in Philadelphia, PA.

Veronica McLean- 13th, General Staff

Roni will be helping in Arts and Crafts, the Store and as Dispensary Driver. Her son, Silas, will be in Wiantinaug and her husband, Matt, will visit throughout the summer. Her daughter, Addie, is a former camper at Songa. Roni and her family live in Andover, MA, where she teaches 1st grade at West Elementary School.

Chris Miller- 21st, Wiantinaug (1st half)

Chris is the Assistant Director of Next Charter High School in Derry, New Hampshire. An experienced coach, he has been the head of basketball in Wiantinaug and has assisted in baseball. His wife, Heather, and their son, Zach (a Moosalamoo camper), will be at camp. Their daughter, Emily, is a Songadeewin alumna!



Heather Miller- 20th, Wangan Room and Office (1st half)

Heather will help in the Wangan Room, Office and as the Dispensary Driver. Heather joins her husband, Chris, for her 20th year at Dunmore. During the year, she teaches at Garfield Elementary School. The Millers live in Bradford, MA.



Nicolas Murillo Chamorro- 1st, Moosalamoo

Nico learned of Keewaydin through his sister, Nicole, who works at Songa. He is currently studying computer science in his home country of Colombia. Nico has previously worked at a scout camp in Colombia. In Moos he will help with hiking, ultimate frisbee, swimming and archery.


Cameron Nevin- 10th, Wilderness

A graduate of the University of Vermont, Cam was a camper through Moos. An avid hiker, he hiked the length of the Long Trail in Vermont. Cam returned to Vermont after living in Hawaii for two years, where he worked in an eco-lodge and an organic farm. He then went on to get his nursing degree in Colorado where he now lives. Cam grew up in Moretown, VT.

Ken Norris- 9th, General Staff

Ken was a Moos staffman from 1978 to 1983 and worked at KEEC for three seasons. He retired after working 23 years for the state of New York in the Office of Child and Family Services. Ken will drive trips this summer, as well as help with activities such as archery, soccer and swimming.

Jonah O’Neil- 1st, Waramaug

Jonah was a camper though Moos senior year. He recently completed his sophomore year at John Carroll University in Cleveland, OH, where he majors in marketing. A former captain of his high school lacrosse team, he will help with basketball, soccer, volleyball, kayaking and more in Waramaug. Jonah is from Buffalo, NY.




Oppenheimer, M

Mig Oppenheimer- 17th, Waramaug Assistant Director

Mig and his wife, Elise, live in Fairfax, VA. He is a retired technology education teacher from Bull Run Middle School. Camp Head of Dramatics, he will also help with riflery, canoeing, archery, and juggling. In his free time, Mig enjoys disc golf, scuba diving, and woodworking.



Elise Oppenheimer- 8th, Camp Photographer and Tutor

Elise lives in Fairfax, Virginia, where she worked for many years in information technology. She is looking forward to another summer at Keewaydin, where she brings her enthusiasm to camp as the Camp Photographer! Elise loves hiking, reading, and all things nerdy.



Bruce Paquin- 21st, Driver

Bruce is a staple of the Keewaydin trip driving program. He has been everywhere Keewaydin goes! In the off season, he drives for Project Independence in Middlebury, helping senior citizens get where they need to go. Bruce comes from Weybridge, VT.

Rebecca Patch- 37th, Tutor

Becky is a retired elementary school teacher in Asheville, NC. She is grandmother to a future Keewaydin camper. At camp, she will assist with tutoring. She is looking forward to being back at camp and hiking on Mt. Moosalamoo!






Steve PatchSteve Patch- 45th, Caretaker of Mt. Moosalamoo and Paddling Specialist

Steve will manage the trails on Mt. Moosalamoo, as well as teach canoeing and whitewater paddling. In the off-season, he is a retired math professor from UNC Asheville. He will be joined at camp by his wife, Becky.



Sebastian Perez- 3rd, Annwi

Sebastian discovered Keewaydin through Santiago Zuluaga. He is a professional mountain guide for Paramo Trek in Colombia. In Annwi he will help with exploration, rock climbing, hiking, and sailing. Sebastian comes from Armenia, Colombia.


Sara Quesnel-  5th, Driver

Sara has been driving trips for Keewaydin for a number of years. She and her husband, Brock, are preparing to be “empty nesters” after having raised their four sons. She has driven school buses for over 20 years and works as an IA at Orwell Village School. In 2021, Sara and Brock end-to-ended the Long Trail of Vermont!

Anne Randlett- 16th, Director of Nursing

Anne is back as Director of Nursing. A former Wilderness tripper, she is mom to Charlie and Julia, both Verendrye trippers who returned on staff. She is married to former Director of Facilities, Lee Randlett. In her free time she enjoys hiking, tennis, silversmithing and fishing with Lee.



Malen Riordan- 3rd, Wiantinaug

Malen attends the University of New Hampshire. In Wiantinaug he will assist in basketball, hiking, tennis, baseball and kayaking. Malen hails from Foster, RI.




Yesid Rodriguez- 2nd, Waramaug

Yesid learned of camp through fellow Colombian countryman, Sebastian Perez. Yesid is a professional mountain guide in Colombia and brings a wealth of outdoor skills to Keewaydin. He will be in Waramaug and will be very active with rock climbing, hiking and nature. Yesid lives in Salento, Colombia.

Zachary Rose- 2nd, Waramaug

Zach studies data science at the University of Wisconsin. A former camper through Wilderness, he is a member of the Waramaug staff where he will assist with kayaking, basketball, baseball and canoeing. Zach comes from New York City.


Daniel Ruano- 1st, Wiantinaug

Another former camper returning to staff, Daniel is a freshman at Gettysburg College. In Wiantinaug he will assist with kayaking, canoeing, soccer, basketball and more. Daniel is from Mamaroneck, NY.





Lauren Sack- 17th, Office, Arts and Crafts, Tutoring, Stage Manager

Lauren will help in the office and in a variety of other areas. Lauren, a native of Salisbury, VT, teaches math in the Boston area.


Stephanie Sack- 32nd, Head of Waterfront

Stephanie lives in Washington, D.C. where she teaches elementary school art at St. Patrick’s Episcopal Day School. She has been a loyal staff member, serving first as the camp babysitter and then becoming the Head of the Waterfront.



Tito Santiago- 7th, Driver

Tito came to Keewaydin during his long career working in the Middlebury school district with kids who have cognitive and physical disabilities. His son, Ari, will be a fifth year camper this summer. Tito lives in Middlebury, VT.

Austin Schrantz- 2nd, Waramaug

Austin just completed his sophomore year at the University of British Columbia. After a camper career that took him through Verendrye in Moos, he returns as a Waramaug staffman. He looks forward to assisting in archery, riflery and canoeing. Austin lives in Hong Kong.

Dennis Schut- 4th, Nurse
Dennis is a local of the Middlebury area who graduated from UVM with a degree in Biochemistry. He earned his nursing degree in San Francisco and recently completed his degree as a nurse practitioner at UVM. At camp, Dennis’ favorite activities include basketball, sailing, pet rocks, and tennis. He’s excited to be back at camp in his new role in the Dispensary!

Crawford Seeley- 3rd, Wiantinaug (2nd half)

Crawford, a sophomore at Bowdoin College in Maine, will move to Wiantinaug staff this summer. A camper in Wiantinaug and Moos, he will assist in soccer, basketball, ultimate, canoeing and rock climbing. Crawford lives in New York City.


Rafi Shalabi- 1st, Annwi

A recent high school graduate, Rafi returns to staff several years removed from his camper days. He joins the Annwi staff where he will assist with kayaking, climbing, wrestling, canoeing and more. Rafi comes from North Truro, MA.


Alexander Smith-Bove- 9th, Wilderness

Alex spent many summers at Keewaydin, including three on wilderness trips. He will once again lead a Wilderness trip. Alex comes from Northampton, MA.




William Souser- 19th, Wiantinaug Director

Bill just finished his sixth year teaching history at Lakeside School in Seattle, WA. A camper at Keewaydin through Wilderness, he grew up in York, PA and graduated from Middlebury College. A member of the Expedition 2012 crew, Bill will be the Wiantinaug Director this summer.



Carlos Spigel- 11th, Annwi Director (2nd half)

Carlos was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He will be Annwi Director 2nd half. He now lives in Burlington, Vermont and teaches 5th grade math at JFK Elementary in Winooski. He was a camper at Keewaydin through Moos and his favorite Keewaydin pastime is taking a canoe out on the glassy waters of Lake Dunmore for a peaceful morning paddle.




Mason Stauffer- 1st, Annwi

A former camper through Moos, Mason brings great experience working with kids. His after school experience will help him in Annwi where he will help with climbing, canoeing, ultimate, and canoeing. Mason works and lives in MA.





River Steinbach- 2nd, Moosalamoo

River was a camper through the Wilderness trip. He is a rising junior at Pitzer College where he is a media studies major. On the Moosalamoo staff he will assist in dramatics, canoeing, volleyball, and more. River calls Long Island City, NY home.


Joaquin Stella- 4th, Moosalamoo

A recent graduate of the University of Michigan, Joaquin returns to the staff after several summers away. He was a camper for many years, including the Wilderness Program. In Moos, he will help with soccer, disc golf, and canoeing. Joaquin is from San Juan, Puerto Rico.


Ellen Stilwell- 1st, Nurse

Ellen Long Stilwell, RN joins us this summer, but is not new to the shores of Lake Dunmore. Both of her boys, Stanley and Troy Stilwell, were campers dating back to 2004. Recently retired from hospice nursing, she is also a published author, having written two books: Hospice Care – Love Death Love, and Hospice: A Different Type of Hope. Ellen is eager to cross the bridge from being a ‘camp parent’ to ‘camp staff’ and is excited to join the nursing team this summer. Outside of work, Ellen is an avid hiker, skier, bicyclist and enjoys meditation.

William Stone- 1st, Waramaug

Will looks forward to returning to Keewaydin after a camper career through Wiantinaug. He is currently a freshman at Brown University. A member of the Brown Outing Club Board, he will be an asset to Annwi with canoeing, tennis, climbing, kayaking, archery and more. Will hails from Atlanta, GA.




Luke Sullivan- 1st, Moosalamoo

Luke went through the ranks at Keewaydin, including going on Wilderness. He just finished freshman year at Rice University where he studies computer science and applied math. A former captain of his high school sailing team, he will help campers learn to sail, as well as help out with windsurfing, canoeing, kayaking, riflery and more. Luke is from Rye, NY.




Quinn Sullivan- 1st, Wiantinaug

Quinn was a camper from Annwi through Wilderness. Now he returns to the staff where he will assist with kayaking, backpacking, canoeing, dramatics, orienteering and more. In the fall, he will be a sophomore at Penn State University, where he is majoring in physics. Quinn calls Rye, NY home.




Tim Tadlock- 25th, Head of Tripping and KEEC

Tim works full time at Keewaydin as the Director of the Keewaydin Environmental Education Center (KEEC). During the summer, he is Head of Tripping. A graduate of Prescott College, he has a wealth of knowledge of environmental education. Tim and his wife, Heather, and their daughter, Tallulah, live in Sudbury, VT. Tallulah will be a camper at Songdeewin this summer.


John Thomas- 9th, Maitre D

John earned his PhD from Syracuse University. and is a retired professor from WVU School of Medicine. He and his wife Penny are from Morgantown, WV. At camp John will be the dining hall Maitre’ D. He will be joined by his grandson, London. John’s second grandson, Clayton, is 1 year-old!

Mark Thuma- 6th, Driver

Mark is a retired high school guidance counselor. He is an avid hiker, skier and sailor! Mark lives in Middlebury, VT.

Diana Toro- 3rd, Office and Store

Diana joins the rest of her family at camp and she will be working in the office and the store. She is the wife of Jorge Sr. and the mother of Ernesto, Gustavo and Jorge. She is an accomplished photographer and enjoys international travel.

Ernesto Toro- 4th, Moosalamoo

Ernesto is the fourth of the Toro family to join the staff! He will be in Moosalamoo this summer where he will share his talents in sailing, windsurfing, climbing, soccer, tennis, and more! In the off season, he is a student at La Universidad Metropolitana in Caracas, Venezuela, the city where he was raised.



Gustavo Toro- 9th, Moosalamoo

Gustavo comes from Venezuela, where he graduated from university with a degree in computer science. A camper from Annwi through Moos, he is on the Moos staff where he will help with kayaking, sailing, swimming, canoeing, climbing and wrestling.

Jorge Toro Sr.- 7th, Wiantinaug

Jorge Toro, father of Jorge, Gustavo and Ernesto, is back on staff this summer! Jorge was a camper from Annwi through Wilderness in the 1970s and 80s. He will help with sailing, paddleboarding, hiking, soccer, tennis and wrestling. Jorge and his family are from Caracas, Venezuela.


Ken Troumbley- 2nd, Director of Facilities

Ken spent 22 years in the Marine Corps. When he retired from the Corps, he became the Facilities Manager at Camp Killoleet in Hancock, VT, where he worked for 10 years. Now he has moved over the mountain to be Director of Facilities at Keewaydin! Ken and his family live in Middlebury, VT.




Erin Van Gessel- 2nd, Store (1st half)

Erin was introduced to Keewaydin by Cameron MacDonald. A graduate of Middlebury College, she recently completed her nursing degree at Duke University. In the fall she will be working as a nurse in Charlottesville, VA. Erin will run the store this summer.

Brett Viens-4th, Waramaug

Brett is excited to come back to Keewaydin. He was a camper for eight years, Annwi through Moos. He is a recent graduate of the University of Maine, majoring in communications. He looks forward to assisting in canoeing, land sports and many of the other activities Keewaydin has to offer. Brett is from Middlebury, Vermont.


Jack Waterman- 7th, Moosalamoo

Jack graduated from Middlebury Union High School and Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, MA. He was a camper from Wiantinaug through Wilderness. In Moosalamoo, he will help with baseball, canoeing, dramatics, riflery and archery. Jack lives in Weybridge, VT.



Hunter Wiles- 5th, Waramaug

Hunter began his Keewaydin career in Annwi and continued through Wiantinaug. He will help with dramatics, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, soccer and more in Waramaug. Hunter is a graduate of Ithaca College where he was a member of the varsity track team, he hails from Bronx, NY.



Ken Woodard-26th, Wiantinaug (2nd half)

Ken is a high school history teacher extraordinaire at the Stone Ridge School in Washington, DC. A famed hiker of the trails of Moosalamoo, he is camp head of hiking. Ken and his family live in Kensington, MD. When not wearing out hiking shoes, he’s an avid reader and podcaster. He produces ‘Lunch Duty Podcast,’ a series about teaching by teachers.

Ezra Woodruff- 2nd, Wiantinaug

Ezra will be a junior at East Carolina University in the fall. Ezra’s camper career saw him complete Moosalamoo and the Verendrye trip. He will join the Wiantinaug staff again and will assist with basketball, dramatics, archery and canoeing. Ezra lives in Harrisburg, NC.

Peter Wright- 17th, Wiantinaug and Store (1st half)

Peter is a high school mathematics teacher at Hackley School in Tarrytown, NY. He is excited to return with his wife, Mandy (who will work at Songa), and children, Ellis, six-years-old and Amelia, 4-years-old (participating in the Saplings program). Peter was a camper through wilderness and has worked in WI, MO, and the Wilderness program. This summer, he will help in Wiantinaug, in the Store, and as a driver. Peter was a member of Expedition 2012.

Santiago Zuluaga- 7th, Wiantinaug

Santiago discovered Keewaydin through his cousin, Camilo Duque. An accomplished rock climber, he will lead climbing this summer. In Wiantinaug, he is an experienced tripper and will also help with sailing, hiking, lifeguarding and riflery. Santiago comes from Armenia, Colombia.