Preserve the Keewaydin Dining Hall

 Built over 90 years ago, this venerable building has become an historic landmark on the Keewaydin campus.  It is where every Keewaydin alumnus has broken bread, sung from the songbook and seen the Banquet presentations to honor staff.  It is where our history is preserved with flags and birch bark canoes hanging from the rafters, portraits of Sid and Waboos hanging above the doorways and the names of every Old Timer painted on boards.   When we step into the Dining Hall, our senses are filled with Keewaydin history and a feeling of belonging.  It’s a great feeling.

Though the Dining Hall has held up remarkably well, it is old and it needs attention in order to maintain its structural integrity.  The Keewaydin Board recently decided that “preserving” the Dining Hall was preferable to building a new facility.  So plans are in the works to replace the roof, shore up the foundation, repair the chimney and hearth, and replace window sills and frames.  News regarding the timing of repairs and renovations, as well as fund raising efforts, will be forthcoming.

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