The Keewaydin Way

KEEWAYDIN (kē wā dĭn) [Algonquin] – Northwest wind, considered a bearer of good fortune and fair weather.

To live for a summer in a world largely unstructured and shaped only by nature itself… this is an adventure few are fortunate enough to know. Some find it on the open waters, some on the mountainside. Since 1893, Keewaydin has been a leader in camping.  With its rich in-camp programs and nationally renowned tripping program, Keewaydin provides unique opportunities for youth to develop self confidence, character, and leadership, while living simply in beautiful wilderness settings. For close to 125 years, Keewaydin has thrived by holding true to its values and traditions, while adjusting to the times.  Behind the success of our camps is the commitment of our alumni, families and friends to our mission.

This is the Keewaydin Way.