Zoom Guidelines and Expectations For Songadeewin Staff

  • All  Zoom activities will be scheduled by Songadeewin on the Keewaydin Zoom account. All invitations will be password protected and will be sent to parents (i.e. not to campers).  If you are running a Zoom activity, Foundation Staff will send you the invitation and make you a co-host.
  • Zoom meetings link will be sent via email, and will not be posted on social media or other public sources.
  • At least two Songadeewin staff must be present at each Zoom gathering. Songadeewin Staff encompasses a) Foundation employees, 2) summer staff originally slated to work during summer 2020, and, from time-to-time, c) former staff members.
  • On most Zoom activities, a  director or assistant will be present. They will be able to help manage the meeting, if necessary (e.g. un-mute campers, make breakout rooms, etc.)
  • Zoom gatherings will be established with recommended security protocols in place. These include:
    • Zoom meetings will be set up with a random, Zoom-generated ID (instead of a personal ID)
    • Screen sharing by participants will be disabled. This eliminates the possibility that campers can inadvertently, or intentionally, share content on their screens with others.
    • Private chats option will be disabled. This eliminates the risk of any inappropriate conversations taking place during the gathering.
  • Staff should arrive 5 minutes before the scheduled start time on any Zoom activity.
  • The “join before” host function will be disabled. (When signing in, participants will receive a message asking them to wait for the host to join, as well as the time the meeting will begin).
  • All participants will be sent to a waiting room prior to the start of the meeting. The meeting host will admit them all at once.
  • Staff will remain in the Zoom meeting until all camper participants have left the session.
  • When technology allows, recordings and chat transcripts will be kept of Zoom sessions. Only Keewaydin Foundation staff can enable the recording of any online gathering. Foundation staff will take care of recording, unless specifically assigned to other staff.  This eliminates the possibility that content from the gathering can be downloaded by other participants and shared externally.


Virtual Programming Code of Conduct (Sent to parents and campers)

  • Just like at camp, we expect campers to be respectful, kind and considerate.
  • Please arrive to activities on time and be in a place where there is a minimum of distraction in the background.
  • Please be dressed appropriately


For Your Information:

  • If parents do not want their child to share their camera and/or their audio capabilities, they may turn them off and simply attend the online session as a viewer.
  • When participating in Songadeewin-related Zoom sessions, campers must be logged into a parent account. Zoom also requires that parents be present during a Zoom session in which their child is participating. We have told parents that we interpret “present” to mean nearby, not necessarily “sitting next to.”


Staff Contact with Campers:

We are using Zoom this summer because of the highly unusual circumstances we are living through; using technology like Zoom to communicate with campers is not the norm for Songadeewin.  Please remember our personnel policies related to communication with campers when not at camp:

  • Staff do not engage in social media contact with campers;
  • email contact with campers is discouraged and, if it occurs, should be limited and infrequent;
  • written and posted cards or letters when appropriate (i.e. birthday, holiday) are encouraged.

Staff Zoom Guidelines Acknowledgement Songadeewin

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You may download a copy of the guidelines here:

Keewaydin Zoom Guidelines for Staff