Songadeewin Staff Reference Form

Thank you for your willingness to fill out the attached recommendation form for us as we work to hire a top notch group of staff for the coming summer. To help you understand the job to which they have applied see the essential functions list below. We’ve had mixed results when asking folks to complete this form. We like the qualities we’ve identified because they are important ones for the work our staff will be doing with our campers and each other. However, we received many forms where every category was checked in the highest (left) position possible on our scale. While there are some really terrific young adults out there we know there are not too many that are perfect. It is more helpful to us if you can identify six to eight characteristics where the candidate really shines and mark them in the highest position if that feels appropriate and then mark the rest somewhere lower on the scale. This will be much more helpful to us as we compare relative strengths in various candidates. If in your experience the candidate is outstanding and truly above and beyond her peers go ahead and mark as many as applicable in the highest position, but then please add a note letting us know a bit more about why this person is such a standout and the relative size of the group from which you are making your comparison. Thanks in advance for your thoughtful appraisal of this prospective staff person.

To do the job of a counselor/staff at Songadeewin one must be able to:

  • Be an excellent role model and enjoy working with children and youth
  • Put the needs of campers above your own to ensure their safety, involvement and enjoyment in activities at camp
  • Assist campers in emergency situations (fire, injury, unauthorized personnel on property, etc) and maintain visual supervision of campers while on duty
  • Hear campers and differentiate casual conversation from calls for assistance
  • Negotiate the terrain at camp including climbing stairs, uneven and/or slippery ground and steep hills
  • Maintain energy and stamina to work for a varied-paced 14-hour plus work day
  • Work independently, and with other staff, to teach activities, take campers on trips, assist campers in the essential parts of group living (inspections, going to bed, rest hour, etc.)
  • Perform acts of physical exertion, for example: paddling a canoe or hiking a mountain trail for several hours, lifting and carrying a minimum of 35 pounds, cleaning various parts of camp as a team leader, moving canoes and equipment for trips, etc.
  • Sustain focus on a single task or camper for at least 20 minutes.
  • Communicate clearly and effectively with staff, supervisors, campers and parents in writing and verbally – this includes writing clear, detailed and thoughtful comments about campers
  • Maintain appropriate, professional boundaries with campers both during the season and after camp ends. This includes sharing and not sharing information and maintaining confidentiality as well.
  • Maintain professional boundaries with fellow employees and supervisors
  • Maintain personal health and well being in order to do all of the above.

Thank you,

Ellen M. Flight
Songadeewin Camp Director
[email protected]

If you have questions, comments, or concerns please reach out to me at [email protected] or (802)352-9860.