Paddling Forward – Solicitation Results Form

Here’s your chance to win the never -ending gratitude from your Keewaydin Development Staff!!

When possible, please help us streamline and accelerate the gift agreement process by gathering essential information from the donor when talking to your donor!
Eight questions…that’s it!

 Helpful Hint:   Consider using this as a guide when making your “asks” for the Paddling Forward Campaign.


Your Keewaydin Development Staff Team thanks you!


1. Solicitor Name (Person Filling Out the Form)
2. Donor Name
4. Pledge Duration

Note: Important Notes for solicitors:

In general, pledge payments will be through January 31, 2028, however exceptions can be made if a donor feels like the only way they can make their obligation is by giving over five years. If multi-year pledges, the donor should be asked to make pledge payments by December 31 of each year. If a donor wants to set up a recurring credit card donation, tell them Development Staff will be in touch.

5. How will the funds be designated?
Annual Fund:
6. Payment Options:
How will the donor(s) pay his/her/their pledge?

(For credit card payments, please ask donor to consider adding three percent onto their payments to cover credit card processing fees.)
7. Who will sign the gift agreement?

(donor, donor spouse?)
Gift Agreement Donor Signee Name:
2nd Gift Agreement Donor Signee Name (If Applicable):
Gift Agreement Donor Signee Name Unknown:
Thank You!

Thank you so much for completing this form and for your service to Keewaydin. We appreciate you and all you do for our camper, camps, and this important campaign!