Keewaydin Dunmore Staff

Nike Aldrich- 1st, Annwi
After spending a gap year in Ecuador, Peru and the Bahamas, Nick will be a freshman at Lafayette College in the fall.  In Annwi he will help with tennis, frisbee, canoeing and swimming.  Nick comes from Briarcliff Manor, NY.

Tim Anderson- 14th, Waramaug (1st half)
Originally from Michigan and a graduate of Hope College and Tufts University, Tim is currently a seventh and eighth-grade science teacher at Marin Country Day School, north of San Francisco. In Waramaug, he will be head of hiking and wrestling. He will be joined at camp by his wife Jen and their son Townes (5 years old).

Jen Anderson- 5th, Tutor (1st half)
Jen, mother of Townes and wife of Tim, worked at Songadeewin for many summers. This will be her fifth summer at Keewaydin helping with tutoring.

Angus Barstow5th, Waramaug  Angus grew up in Middlebury, VT and is a recent graduate of Wheaton College in Massachusetts.  When he is not at Keewaydin Dunmore, Angus has been working at Mary Hogan Elementary School and with the Keewaydin Environmental Education Center. A skilled craftsman, he will be camp head of knife-craft.  In Waramaug, he will also be head of soccer and help run dramatics, frisbee, canoeing, and rock climbing.


BerryCollin Berry- 2nd, Waramaug
A graduate of Bucknell University with a major in English, Collin has taught English in South Korea, worked with adjudicated youth in Missouri, ski-bummed in Colorado, and most recently, worked as a concierge at a boutique hotel in Melbourne, Australia.  In Waramaug, he will help with hiking, basketball, Kicker, tennis, baseball and dramatics.  He also sings and plays the trumpet. Collin grew up in Farmington, MO.


Mathieu Bialosky- 1st, Waramaug
Mathieu will be a sophomore at Bowdoin College in the fall.  In Waramaug, he will assist in kayaking, soccer, canoeing, basketball, sailing, rock climbing and archery.  A camper from Annwi through wilderness, Mathieu hails from New York City.

Sam BrakeleySam Brakeley- 7th, Wilderness
Sam was on the Moos staff for two summers and has since led four Wilderness trips. He is a graduate of Colby College where he majored in environmental studies. The founder and owner of Hermit Woods Trailbuilders LLC, he moved to Utah this past year. He will co-lead the Otish/Temiscamie River trip this summer.


Peter Cahn- 4th, Wangan Room Head
Pete was a camper in the early 1980s, including wilderness. He then went on to work on the Waramaug staff for three summers. Pete lives in Hinesburg, VT and teaches in Burlington and coaches in Hinesburg. An outdoor enthusiast, he is excited to oversee the Wangan Room operations.

Ron Cannell- 25th, Moosalamoo
Ron has been on the staff in Moos and Wiantinaug and on wilderness.  He also directed Trip School for several years.  In the off-season, Ron is an engineering consultant and a leader of adventure trips in Colombia.  He will be camp head of kayaking and will work in Moosalamoo.


Alejandro Cano- 1st, Waramaug
Alejandro discovered Keewaydin through Ron Cannell, a kayaking companion in Medellin, Colombia, where he  resides. Alejandro will take a break from his engineering career in Medellin to spend the summer at camp. He looks forward to sharing his passion and skills in kayaking, swimming, tennis, dramatics, and basketball with Waramaug campers.

Daria CardenDaria Carden- 16th , Dunmore Office Manager
An avid knitter, dog owner, as well as a member of the Keewaydin Foundation office staff, Daria manages the office at camp. Both of her daughters are Songa alumnae. Her husband, Joe, will help drive trips.



ChapmanDaniel Chapman- 2nd, Waramaug
Daniel comes to us from Middlesex, England, where he studies adventure sports management.  A climbing and kayaking devotee, he will assist in those activities, as well as in soccer and tennis.



Steve ClodgoSteve Clodgo- 10th, Kitchen Manager
Steve was maître d’ for seven summers and took over as Kitchen Manager in 2014. He is appreciated for the great care he takes in overseeing our food service operations.



Johnny Clore

Johnny Clore- 13th, Wiantinaug Director (2nd half)
A graduate of Princeton University, Johnny works at the Lawrenceville School in New Jersey, where he teaches science and coaches varsity wrestling. He will be Director of Wiantinaug second month this summer.   A former Moos and Wilderness camper, he grew up in Richmond, VA.  Johnny was a member of Expedition 2012, a 1200 mile canoe trip by ten Keewaydin staff that helped raise scholarship funds for Keewaydin.


Melissa Clore- 1st, Office, driver and tutoring (2nd  half)
In the “off-season,” Melissa teaches math at the Lawrenceville School in New Jersey. At camp, she will help in the office, with tutoring and with doctor visit driving.

CohenAlec Cohan- 2nd, Annwi
Alec was a camper for many years, including wilderness.  In the fall, he will be a sophomore at High Point University in North Carolina.  In high school he was very active with the theatre program, both on the tech side and on stage.  At camp, he will help with dramatics, climbing, archery, riflery and canoeing.  Alec hails from Easton, PA.


Will ConnellWill Connell- 13th, Moosalamoo Assistant Director (2nd Half)
Will returns to camp for the second month this summer.  He and his wife, Allison, live in Enfield, NH. Will teaches at Lebanon High School. He will be head of Moos climbing and Assistant Director of Moosalamoo.



Ben Cordero- 10th, Wilderness
Ben is a graduate of St. Lawrence College in western New York and has a master’s degree in social work from the University of Michigan.  He will co-lead the Otish/Temiscamie Wilderness trip this summer.  Ben lives in Sitka, Alaska, where he is a school counselor at Sitka High School.


Coyle, PPhilip Coyle- 4th, Moosalamoo
Phil is a graduate student at American University, studying math. He was a camper through Wilderness North and a member of the Moos staff the past three summers. This summer he will be an assistant leader on the Mouchalagane Wilderness trip. Phil is from Maplewood, NJ.


Stephen D’Agostino- 1st, Wiantinaug
Stephen will be a sophomore at College of the Holy Cross in the fall. A former Tallman finalist, he looks forward to instructing canoeing in Wiantinaug. He will also assist with archery, tennis, camp craft, hiking and swimming. Stephen comes from Darien, CT.

DiggsBay Diggs- 2nd, Moosalamoo
Bay was a camper for several summers, including wilderness.  A resident of Richmond, VA, he will be a sophomore at the University of Virginia in the fall.  In Moos, he will help with frisbee, windsurfing, canoeing, climbing, and soccer.



Dows, RRed Dows- 21st, Waramaug, Camp Head of Exploration
Red was a mainstay on the staff in the 1970’s and 80’s in Annwi, Waramaug and Wiantinaug. For the past six summers, he has been camp head of exploration. He has also worked at KEEC in the fall and spring. In the off-season, Red resides in Panton, VT and is a collector of Vermont books and artifacts.


Andrew Dunakin- 10th, Waramaug (1st half)
Andrew will be back on the Waramaug staff for the first half of the summer. A resident of Philadelphia, he is a guidance counselor at Northeast High School in Philadelphia. He will assist in wrestling, soccer, exploration, swimming and canoeing.

Katie DupratKatie Duprat-4th, Head Nurse
Katie grew up in Essex, VT. She received her nursing degree from Vermont Technical College and now is a school nurse at Middlebury Union High School. She spent many summers camping with the Girl Scouts and enjoys hiking in the Green Mountains. Katie is the mother of four. Finn is excited to spend his third summer as a Waramaug camper. Fiona, her daughter, will be caring for her one-year-old brother William at Keewaydin. Her daughter, Riley, is spending her third summer as a camper at Songa.

Camilo Duque- 1st, Wiantinaug
Camilo comes to us from Medellin, Colombia, where he learned of Keewaydin from Ron Cannell. A professional woodworker who is also a skilled kayaker, rock climber, tennis and soccer player, Camilo will bring his talents to Wiantinaug this summer.

Elosua, MMarc Elosua- 4th, Moosalamoo
Marc recently graduated from the Universidad de Girona in Spain. A native of Barcelona, he came to camp in Waramaug and continued through wilderness. In Moos, he will be head of windsurfing and assist with basketball, soccer, tennis, and canoeing.



Owen Elrifi- 1st, Wiantinaug
Owen will be a sophomore at the University of Chicago in the fall. He was a camper for several years, including one on  wilderness. In Wiantinaug, he will head wrestling and tennis, assist in martial arts, swimming, and canoeing. Owen resides in Rye, NY.

Meghan Fahey- 7th, Maître D
Meghan comes from Middlebury, VT and is a graduate of Bates College.  This past year, she was an elementary school teacher in eastern Vermont. This summer, she will be maître d of the dining hall.  A certified lifeguard, you may see her down on the waterfront also!

Spencer Fetrow-  5th Moosalamoo (1st half)
Spencer returns to the staff after a summer away. In the off-season, he is an admissions officer at Towson University in MD.  He has much experience backpacking, and will assist in canoeing, swimming, and basketball.



Elliot Franklin- 1st, Wangan Room, Office, Stage Manager
A resident of nearby Bridport, VT, Elliot has been hearing stories of Keewaydin from his Middlebury friends, James Hare and Tyler Provencher, for years. He will wear a variety of hats at camp this year—in the Wangan Room, the Office and as Stage Manager of the Eisner Multi House.

Kevin Gable- 3rd, Wiantinaug
Kevin returns to the staff after several years away.  A graduate of Cornell University, he has spent the past two years in Cambodia,where he worked for a for-profit social enterprise company called “Wetlands Work!” which improves sanitary systems, drinking water and sewage systems in small villages.   In Wiantinaug, Kevin will assist in swimming, fishing, soccer, tennis, canoeing, baseball and fitness.  Kevin grew up in New York City.

Seth GibsonSeth Gibson- 50th, Driver
Formerly the Wilderness Trip Coordinator and Head Driver, Seth drives trips for camp.  A resident of Middlebury, VT, he drives for Middlebury Transportation Group and Betcha Bus Company in the off-season.



IMG_3743aCressy Goodwin- 9th Camp Photographer and Archivist
Cressy returns once again to be camp photographer. He takes photos for the website, the yearbook and various displays.  He also keeps our archival photos in order. Cressy lives in Tolland, CT.



GuinandAlejandro Guinand- 2nd, Annwi
Alejandro is the third of the Guinand brothers to work on staff. He is currently a student at Lynn University in Florida. In Annwi, he will be in charge of kayaking and will assist with dramatics, soccer, tennis, and canoeing. Alejandro comes from Caracas, Venezuela.



2012-Keewaydin-0698Owen Gutfreund- 34th, Moosalamoo Director and Associate Director of Dunmore
Owen is a history professor, specializing in urban policy and planning at Hunter College in New York City.  Owen and his wife, Victoria, have two children, Charlotte (who spent many summers at Songa as camper, staff and Long House leader), and Willa, who is on Songa staff.  The Gutfreunds live in Chappaqua, NY.


Victoria Gutfreund- 28th
A talented artist and designer, Victoria helps in a myriad of ways at camp, such as planning new buildings, organizing the banquet and overseeing the popular “store cart.” She has also tutored campers for many summers.

Diane HareDiane Hare- 30th, Head of Tutoring, the Dunmore Choir, and campus tours
Diane runs the tutoring program at camp. She also organizes a camper-staff choral group and jazz band, which enrich Sunday Circles and other occasions with their beautiful music.  Diane and her husband (Camp Director, Pete Hare) have three children: Jenn (Long House leader at Songa), Ali (Long House leader at Songa), and James (Moos staff).


James HareJames Hare- 5th, Moosalamoo
A resident of Middlebury, VT, James will be a senior at Elon University in the fall where he studies music and business.  This year he spent his spring semester studying in Perth, Australia.  James was a camper through all the wigwams, including wilderness. This summer, he will be camp head of basketball and assist in frisbee, fitness, tennis, hiking and canoeing.


Laurie Hare- 41st, Head of Arts and Crafts
For 41 years, Laurie has made A&C one of the most popular activities at camp.  Her talents go far beyond the confines of the arts and crafts building, however, as she helps out in many other ways, big and small.  In the off-season she resides in Vashon, WA, where she is an occupational therapist.

Peter HarePete Hare- 38th, Camp Director
Pete became Camp Director in 2001 after many years on staff, including 11 as Wiantinaug Director. He is also the Executive Director of the Keewaydin Foundation. A history and Spanish teacher for 20 years, he lives in Middlebury, Vermont. In the off-season he enjoys playing tennis and basketball, and hiking the trails of Moosalamoo.


Larry HayesLarry Hayes- 25th, Riflery and Archery
Larry and his wife, Marianne, live in Chambersburg, PA. Retired after a 30+ year career in environmental education, Larry is camp head of riflery and archery. He is also a professional storyteller!



Marianne Hayes- 24th, Store
Marianne is enjoying retirement after a career as an elementary art teacher. She has worn many hats at camp. This summer she will be back in the Store!

Nancy Hildreth- 7th, A&C assistant
After a summer off, Nancy returns to camp, where she will assist in A&C.  In the off-season, Nancy is an aide at the Tokeneke Elementary School.


Stephen Hildreth- 11th, Waramaug Director
In the off-season Stephen teaches humanities, coaches lacrosse, and is the Dean for Boys at the Masters Middle School in Dobbs Ferry, NY. His son, Dennis, (16) will be on wilderness, son, Owen, will be on staff, and daughter, Grace, will be on staff at Songa. A former camper, he still loves to swim in Lake Dunmore, hike Mt. Moosalamoo, and sing in the Dining Hall.


Owen Hildreth- 1st, Wiantinaug
Owen graduated from Darien High School this spring and will attend the University of Vermont in the fall.  A former camper through wilderness, he will work in Wiantinaug this summer where he will help with canoeing, exploration, hiking, frisbee, and soccer.

Rick Hopkins- 10th, Waramaug
Rick is a physical education teacher and coach for the Williamsville Central School District in the Buffalo, NY area. Before his teaching career, he was a sports anchor for a mid-market television network. Rick will be camp head of sailing. In Waramaug, he will head swimming and will help out in soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis, archery, volleyball, canoeing, kayaking, wrestling, and rock climbing. Rick’s daughter, Mavity, is a Songa camper.

Alim Ibrahim- 3rd, Moosalamoo
Alim is in his third year at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, where he is studying to become a physician’s assistant. Alim attended camp for many summers, through Moosalamoo. In Moosalamoo, he will head wrestling and assist in kayaking, tennis, dramatics and canoeing. Alim comes from Boston, MA.

Paul Jacobs- 21st, Wilderness Leader and Coordinator
Paul coordinates the Wilderness program and leads Wilderness trips.  This summer he will lead the Mouchalagane Wilderness trip.  Paul and his wife, Lisa, live in Washington D.C., where he is a software consultant.

IMG_8684aBen Jacoff- 9th, Annwi Director
A former Keewaydin camper, wilderness tripper, and Annwi staff, Ben is now Director of Annwi. An associate 4th grade teacher at City and Country School in New York City for the past three years, he will teach at the Cathedral School in NYC beginning in the fall. Ben has lived all over the world but his favorite place to be is still the stern seat of a wood canvas canoe, looking out over the calm waters of Lake Dunmore.


Katie McDermontKatie Johnson-3rd, Business Manager
Katie comes to us from Brandon, Vermont where she lives with her husband, Craig, and her two kids, Liam (22) and Molly (19). Along with being a top rate business manager, she also is an excellent cook! Katie graduated in 2000 from Johnson State College with a degree in business management/accounting and comes to us from a local municipality where she worked for 23 years. For fun Katie cooks, gardens, and square dances. In addition to her family, she has two dogs and two cats.

KentZach Kent- 2nd, Wiantinaug
Zach graduated from Vassar College in 2013 with a degree in geography.  After spending a year teaching English in Santiago, Chile, he spent the past year teaching at The City on the Hill School in Roxbury, outside of Boston.  Zach will be camp head of the Kicker.  In Wiantinaug, he will be in charge of rock climbing and will help with hiking, soccer, rugby, frisbee, tennis and basketball.  Zach comes from Jefferson, MA.


KlopferConnor Klopfer-3rd, Moosalamoo
Connor hails from Tolland, CT.  He graduated this spring from the University of Vermont where he studied microbiology and served as a resident assistant. In Moosalamoo, he will be in charge of swimming and hiking and will help with soccer and canoeing.



LandisJake Landis- 2nd, Wiantinaug
Jake graduated from Emerson College in Boston, MA this spring. In Wiantinaug, he will help with basketball, canoeing, archery, riflery and rock climbing. Jake comes from the Washington, D.C. area.



Cal Lewis- 1st, Annwi
Cal graduated from Waynflete School (Portland, ME) this spring and will be attending Wheaton College in Norton, MA this fall where he will pursue his passion for biology and philosophy. Cal will be joining the Annwi staff after being a camper for many years starting in Annwi going through Moosalamoo. He is excited to help with swimming, canoeing, sailing, kayaking, archery, soccer and exploration. Cal is proud to call Yarmouth, ME his hometown.

Will Lewis- 1st, Moosalamoo
Will is excited to join the staff after many years as a camper through wilderness.  A recent high school graduate, he will be in Moosalamoo this summer and will assist with canoeing, kayaking, sailing, basketball and fishing.  Will calls Yarmouth, ME home.

Victor Littleton- 1st, Moosalamoo
After a camper career including wilderness, Victor returns to camp on the Moos staff. He just completed his freshman year at the Ohio State University, where he is in the ROTC program. In Moos he will assist in baseball, canoeing, orienteering, basketball and hiking. Victor comes from Brooklyn, NY.

Cameron MacDonaldCameron MacDonald- 15th, Assistant Director of Waramaug
Cameron grew up at Keewaydin and has become a mainstay on the Waramaug staff.  He is a graduate of Johnson State College in Vermont and taught at The Charlottesville Waldorf School in Virginia.  He has spent the past two years in Asia, teaching English in South Korea and leading canoeing trips in New Zealand.  Here at camp, he will be camp head of canoeing, as well as Assistant Director of Waramaug.


Schuyler MacDonald- 1st, Wiantinaug
Schuyler graduated from Burlington High School in Vermont this spring and will attend Montana State University in the fall. A former camper through wilderness, he will join the Wiantinaug staff where he will be in charge of sailing and will assist in canoeing, rock climbing, frisbee, and kayaking.

MahoneyPeter Mahoney- 2nd, Waramaug
Peter is returning for his second year on staff. He will be a sophomore at Dartmouth College in the fall, where he studies engineering and is active in the outdoor program. In Waramaug, he will lead sailing and frisbee and help with hiking, swimming, and canoeing. Peter lives in Richmond, Virginia.


George Marsh- 2nd, Wiantinaug
George was a camper through all the wigwams and has been on three wilderness trips, two as a camper and one as an assistant leader.  In Wiantinaug, he will assist in canoeing and camp craft. A welder by trade, in the off-season, George works in the Boston area.

Scott McCurdy, Director 1st HalfScott McCurdy- 16th, Wiantinaug Director (1st half)
Scott is first half Director of Wiantinaug. He discovered Keewaydin in 1989 after having been a student of Pete Hare’s at the American School of Madrid in Spain. A sixth grade teacher of math at Adams Middle School in California, he is a renowned youth baseball coach in the Bay area.


Ben McGraw- 20th, Moosalamoo
A former camper and staff in Waramaug, Moosalamoo and Wilderness, Ben currently teaches middle school in the Boston area. In Moosalamoo, he will head canoeing and assist in many activities. Ben is joined at camp by his family, including his wife, Katy, son Malcolm (Moosalamoo), and daughter Seanna (Songa).


Katy McGraw- 12th, Tutor, A&C, Office
During the “off season,” Katy is an elementary math specialist in the Brookline (MA) public schools. She will once again help with tutoring, A&C and in the office.



McKendryJustin McKendry-4th, Wiantinaug
Justin will attend Prescott College in Arizona in the fall.  In Wiantinaug he will head frisbee and riflery and help with baseball and basketball. He works for Lifetime Athletic in the Chicagoland area. Justin resides in Lake Bluff, Illinois.



Chris Miller- 13th, Wiantinaug (1st half)
Chris, a Boston, MA native, is a teacher at the Paul Revere Elementary School outside of Boston.  An experienced coach, he is head of baseball and basketball in Wiantinaug. His wife, Heather, their daughter, Emily (a camper at Songadeewin), and their son, Zachary (an Annwi day camper), will also be at camp!


Heather Miller- 12th (1st half)
Heather will be back helping out in the office. Heather joins her husband, Chris, for her 11th year at Dunmore. During the year, she teaches at Garfield Elementary School. The Millers live in Bradford, MA.



MillerJames Miller- 2nd, Wiantinaug
James has worked at the Keewaydin Environmental Education Center (KEEC) for three seasons. He has also worked at Smugglers Notch in Vermont as a ski instructor and day camp counselor. In Wiantinaug, he will head orienteering and help with exploration, hiking, archery, climbing and kayaking. James comes from Harrisville, NH.


Molfetta, JoeyJoey Molfetta- 2nd,  Waramaug
Joey will be a junior at American International College where he is studying physical therapy and plays on the varsity lacrosse team. He spent many summers as a camper at Dunmore, through Wiantinaug. In Waramaug, he looks forward to helping out with basketball, tennis, baseball, frisbee and canoeing.  Joey comes from Carmel, NY.


Kevin Molfetta- 5th,Wiantinaug
Kevin is a graduate of the University of Vermont, where he  was a history major and a leader of the Outing Club. A camper through Wilderness, he will be head of kayaking in Wiantinaug and help in dramatics, canoeing, hiking, climbing, archery, and swimming. Kevin is from Carmel, NY.


Cannon Moltz

Cannon Moltz- 4th, Waramaug
A former student at the University of Vermont, majoring in political science and French, Cannon was a camper in Waramaug and Wiantinaug.  In Waramaug, he will be head of frisbee and assist in basketball, baseball, and canoeing. He and his band will be finishing a tour down south in Nashville and Knoxville, TN, as well as New Orleans.  Cannon comes from North Andover, MA.


MoritzMike Moritz- 2nd, Wiantinaug
After an adventurous and rewarding gap year before college, Mike has now completed his first year and is on his way toward sophomore year at Ithaca College.  A camper for many years, he will run baseball in Wiantinaug and assist in basketball, dramatics, soccer, canoeing and more!  Mike grew up in Westport, CT.


Isel Noyola-4th, Annwi
Isel comes to us from Oaxaca, Mexico. He is in his final year of college where he is studying to be an English and Spanish teacher with a minor in tourism. During the off season he works in a hotel and enjoys snorkeling, fishing, running and hunting. He will be the head of soccer and will assist with kayaking, swimming, and fishing in Annwi.

O'HareBill O’Hare- 2nd, Waramaug
Bill discovered Keewaydin through Rick Hopkins. He is a Physical Education and Health Education teacher at Highgate Heights Elementary School,  a K-8 school in the Buffalo City Schools district and is working on a master’s degree in educational technology at Canisius College in Buffalo.  In Waramaug, he will assist with basketball, baseball, soccer and volleyball.  Bill calls Tonawanda, NY home.


Fiona O’Neil- 2nd, Camp Babysitter
Fiona will be a senior at Middlebury Union High School in the fall.  She will be the camp babysitter this summer and will also help in the office.

Jamie O'NeilJamie O’Neil-5th, Waramaug (1st half)
Jamie comes to us from Buffalo, NY, where he is a professor at Canisius College and a neighbor of Rick Hopkins. He will be joined at camp by his wife Megan who will be our camp nurse, his daughter Maeve who will be over at Songa, two sons, Jonah (Wiantinaug) and Will (Wilderness). Jamie will be camp co-head of both sailing and dramatics.



Megan O’Neil- 3rd, Nurse
Megan will be a nurse at camp first half this summer.  In the “off-season” she is a school nurse at Sidway Elementary in Grand Island, NY.



Taylor Ogden- 1st, Annwi
Taylor will travel from Melbourne, Australia to join the Keewaydin staff this summer!  A graduate of the University of Melbourne, he brings a wealth of experience working with kids.  In Annwi he will help with basketball, kayaking, orienteering, and hiking.

OkomotoTomo Okamoto- 6th, Assistant Director of Annwi
Tomo graduated from Bucknell University in 2015 and spent the past year working in Israel. A former camper through Moosalamoo, he will be camp head of wrestling and will also help with basketball, baseball, canoeing, archery, riflery and soccer. Once again, he will be Assistant Director of Annwi. Tomo is from Pound Ridge, NY.


Oppenheimer, MMig Oppenheimer- 9th, Waramaug (1st half)
Mig and his wife, Elise, live in Fairfax, VA, where he is a technology education teacher at Bull Run Middle School. This summer he will be co-head of dramatics. He will also help with riflery, canoeing, archery, and juggling. In his free time, Mig is an active runner and backpacker and enjoys disc golf, scuba diving, and woodworking.


Leo ParinniLeo Parini-3rd, Wiantinaug
Leo was a camper from Annwi through Wilderness. Currently, he is a student at UVM, where he will be a s in the fall. He spent his spring semester in Madrid, Spain. Active as an improvisational comedian, he will head dramatics and assist in basketball, canoeing and kayaking in Wiantinaug. Leo comes from Weybridge, VT.


IMG_9436aBecky Patch- 30, Tutor (1st half)
Becky is a retired elementary school teacher in Asheville, NC. At camp, she will assist with tutoring. She is looking forward to being back at camp and hiking on Mt. Moosalamoo!



Steve Patch

Steve Patch- 37th, Caretaker of Mt. Moosalamoo and Paddling Specialist (1st half)
Steve will manage the trails on Mt. Moosalamoo, as well as teach canoeing, kayaking and white water paddling. In the off-season, he is a math professor at UNC, Asheville. He will be joined at camp by his wife, Becky.


Phillips, A (2)Ash Phillips- 9th, Wiantinaug Assistant Director
Ash comes from Southampton, England. He has a degree in sports coaching and development and holds a football coaching badge.  He is looking for coaching employment opportunities in the US. This summer, he will be camp head of soccer and will assist in Wiantinaug in tennis, dramatics and swimming. Ash will also serve as Wiantinaug assistant director.


Nykky Poquette- 2nd, Nurse (2nd)
Nykky graduated from Vermont Technical College as an RN this spring.  She will be a nurse second half, joining her sister, Katie Duprat!

ProvencherTyler Provencher-3rd, Waramaug
Tyler will be a senior at Green Mountain College in Poultney, VT, where he is the captain of the school golf team and is a sustainable business major with a concentration in sports management. A skilled athlete, he will be head of basketball and will assist in baseball, fishing, archery and canoeing in Waramaug. Tyler comes from Weybridge, VT and enjoys hunting and fishing in his free time.


Lee Randlett- 14th, Director of Facilities
Working with the York House crew, Lee brings a wealth of experience as Director of Facilities to the Keewaydin Foundation. He and his crew are responsible for the new construction projects as well as buildings and grounds at both Keewaydin and Songadeewin! The great condition of our camps is a testament to the dedication of Lee and his crew. Outside of camp (and sometimes at camp), Lee is an avid tennis player.


Elliott Rauh- 3rd, Waramaug (2nd)
Elliott returns to the staff after a 10-year hiatus! After graduating from the University of Colorado, he moved to Baltimore where he founded a theater company, “Single Carrot Theater.” Elliott now teaches fourth grade at Westport Academy in Baltimore. Elliott and his wife, Britt, live in Baltimore.

ReynoldsSpencer Reynolds- 2nd, Moosalamoo
Spencer spent four summers at camp in Waramaug and Wiantinaug. After graduating from high school, he has spent this year as a “gap” year working as an EMT. In the fall, he will attend Lafayette College in Pennsylvania. In Moos, he will assist with soccer, canoeing, archery, tennis and basketball. Spencer hails from Princeton, NJ.


Rhodes, JJohn Rhodes- 4th, Moosalamoo
John will be a senior at Hamilton College in the fall. This past year he spent his fall semester studying in Ireland. He was a camper at Keewaydin in Wiantinaug and Moos. He will be head of Moos sailing and assist in soccer, basketball, fishing and canoeing. John comes from South Hadley, MA.


Will Roucco- 1st, Moosalamoo
Will just finished his first year of college at Science Po a Reims in France.  He spent numerous summers as a Dunmore camper, including a wilderness trip.  He will join the Moos staff where he will help with rock climbing, canoeing, Kicker, hiking, archery, riflery, and frisbee.

IMG_9443aStephanie Sack- 25th, Camp Head of Waterfront
Stephanie lives in Washington, D.C. where she teaches elementary school art at St. Patrick’s Episcopal Day School. She has been a loyal staff member, serving first as the camp babysitter and then becoming the Head of the Waterfront.



Aaron Salzman- 3rd, Wiantinaug
Aaron is a junior at the College of Wooster in Ohio, where he is completing an English major and a history minor. He is a diver and co-captain of the water polo team. He was a camper through Moosalamoo. In Wiantinaug he will be the head of diving and will assist in swimming, archery, kayaking and wrestling. Aaron comes from Rochester, NY.

Sanger, DDrew Sanger- 4th, Wiantinaug
Drew is a resident of Washington, D.C. and attends Colorado College, where he will be a senior next year. He was a camper through the Wilderness trip. A talented wrestler, he will be the head of canoeing in Wiantinaug, as well as help in wrestling, soccer, baseball, canoeing and rock climbing.


Curtis Schmitz- 1st, Waramaug
Curtis hails from Veradale, WA and is a student at the University of Washington.  He has much experience working with children, including coaching tennis and tutoring.  In Waramaug, he will help with tennis, soccer, rock climbing and hiking.

Igor Sdvijkov- 22nd, Fresh Food, Laundry, Camp Games, Piano
Igor returns to us from Russia for another summer. He started on the Moos staff, moved to Waramaug and now wears many hats at camp, mainly as “Igor, King of Fresh Food.” He is the author of two historical books, both of which he wrote during beautiful and quiet Keewaydin nights. His younger son, Matvei, will be on the Wilderness trip and his older son, Max, returns on staff this summer.


Sdvijkov, MaxMax Sdvijkov- 6th,  Waramaug
Max “grew up” at camp and was a camper from Annwi through Moos. He finished his college studies in Russia with a concentration in history and is now a teacher. Max will be camp head of world wide games  as well as Waramaug head of archery. He will also assist in climbing, canoeing, A&C, wrestling, boxing, and swimming.


Marc Sevastopoulo- 1st, Wiantinaug
A former Tallman winner, Marc was a camper through Moos.  He attends Dartmouth College, where he majors in history and government, and is a member of the varsity crew team.  In Wiantinaug, Marc will help with canoeing, kayaking, swimming, sailing, tennis and rock climbing.  Marc lives in New York City.

Aaron Smith- 1st, Annwi
Aaron comes to us from Middlebury, VT, after learning of camp from high school basketball teammates, James Hare and Tyler Provencher.  He just completed his sophomore year at Castleton State University in VT, where he plays on the varsity baseball team. In Annwi, he will help with baseball, basketball, tennis, soccer and archery.

Smith-BoveAlexander Smith-Bove- 2nd, Wiantinaug
Alex spent many summers at Keewaydin, including two on the Wilderness Trips. In the fall, he will be a freshman at Williams College. In Wiantinaug, he will help with canoeing, wrestling, hiking, exploration and swimming. Alex comes from Northampton, MA.



Charlie SortirCharlie Sotir- 4th, Waramaug
Charlie was a camper for eight summers, Annwi through Moosalamoo. He is currently studying at Towson State University in MD. In Waramaug, he will be head of camp craft and will assist in canoeing, sailing and more.Charlie is from Baltimore, MD.



IMG_3321aBill Souser- 10th, Wilderness Trip Leader
Bill teaches history at the Roland Park Country School in Baltimore, Maryland. A camper at Keewaydin through wilderness, he hails from York, PA and graduated from Middlebury College. A member of the Expedition 2012 crew, Bill will be on the Wiantinaug staff second half this summer.


SpigelCarlos Spigel-3rd, Annwi
Carlos will be a junior at Barrett Honors College at Arizona State University in the fall as a psychology major on a pre-med track. He was a camper at Keewaydin through Moos. This summer, he will be camp head of tennis and will assist in soccer, canoeing, and archery in Annwi.


Tim TadlockTim Tadlock- 17th, Head of Tripping and KEEC
Tim works full time at Keewaydin as the Director of the Keewaydin Environmental Education Center (KEEC). During the summer, he is head of tripping. A graduate of Prescott College, he has a wealth of knowledge of environmental education. Tim and his wife, Heather, and their daughter Tallulah live in Sudbury, VT.


IMG_6790aEmma Tessler- 2nd, Annwi A&C, Office, Tutoring (1st half)
Emma is the co-founder of Dating Ring, on online, personalized match-making service. She discovered Keewaydin through Ben Jacoff.  She is looking forward to helping out at camp in a variety of ways—Annwi A&C, the office, and tutoring.



ThorntonMike Thornton- 23rd, Waramaug
Mike teaches third grade in Whitehall, NY.  Mike is camp head of baseball. In Waramaug, he will assist in soccer, canoeing, and more. Mike lives in Mendon, VT with his wife, Patty, his daughter, Cassidy, and son, Colby, who will be in Moosalamoo this summer.



WasikJake Wasik-4th, Waramaug
Jake will be a senior at the University of Vermont, where he majors in marketing and business administration. He was a camper from Waramaug through Moosalamoo. In Waramaug, he will be in charge of rock climbing and will assist in kayaking, wrestling, and dramatics. Jake is from Bedford Corners, NY.


Peter White- 1st, Waramaug
Peter will be a junior at the University of Vermont in the fall.  A former camper through wilderness, he will join the Waramaug staff where he will assist with dramatics, canoeing, baseball, basketball, kayaking, tennis and rock climbing.  A former high school football and lacrosse player, Peter hails from Dedham, MA.

Zach White- 1st, Moosalamoo
Zach returns to camp after having been a camper “through the ranks,” including wilderness.  A rising junior at University of Vermont, he has been active with the school’s outdoor and kayak clubs.  In Moosalamoo he will help with dramatics, frisbee, baseball, basketball, kayaking and canoeing.  A former high school rower, Zach calls Dedham, MA home.

Zaha Wolfe- 1st, Moosalamoo
Zaha recently completed his freshman year at the University of Washington, where he studies French, computer science and philosophy.  A camper through Moosalamoo, he returns to the mountain and will help in kayaking, tennis, climbing, dramatics, canoeing, frisbee and riflery.  Zaha lives in Los Angeles.

Peter Wright- 14th, Moosalamoo 
A former camper through wilderness, Peter graduated from Union College in 2007. He is an upper school math teacher and coach at the Hackley School in Tarrytown, NY. A member of Expedition 2012, he will be working in Moos this summer. Peter is getting married in August to Songa staff, Mandy Paulson!